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Fintech Apps are growing fast. All you need to know

What is fintech. Why it is growing so fast - Promatics Technologies

These days, we are hearing a lot about Fintech apps — especially in business circles. Experts of the industry have noticed there is a growth of 30% in finance apps in the recent years.   Fintech is something that is worth understanding about. While Fintech have once been limited to PCs, the term now has … Continue reading

What’s better? Building your app in-House or Outsourcing it to a Mobile App Development Company

What's better Building your app in-House or Outsourcing it to a Mobile App Development Company - Promatics Technologies

More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted enterprise mobile apps and are investing in building mobility solutions. Mobile apps in business world seem to pose explosive growth in consumer technology market. Developing a mobile app needs significant amount of investment and time. The biggest decision to make is whether to outsource the work … Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before doing an app redesign

How to do an app redesign the right way - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app UI is changing constantly to meet the requirement of users. Lot of app design trends come and go – as a result of which UI style of today may become tomorrow’s faux step. There was a time when UI designs were heavily influenced by skeuomorphism. Today, designers are looking to introduce new ways … Continue reading

How to add 3D quick actions in your iOS apps

How to add 3D quick actions in your iOS apps - Promatics Technologies

As the competition in mobile app industry is growing, usability sets a stage for new demand model. A device like iPhone is friendly, accessible and easy to use. This means, it can predict your needs and be handy always. Due to the increasing demand of wide screen devices, making use of lesser motion has become … Continue reading

The final comparison between Braintree and Stripe: And we have a winner

The final comparison between Braintree and Stripe - And we have a winner

The shift from web app to mobile app created new opportunities for ecommerce companies. Whether it is booking a flight ticket or buying groceries, everything is moved to mobile. When building such apps, you quickly run into the issue of collecting payments on behalf of the seller.   In a survey, it was found that … Continue reading

Developing for iOS or developing for Android: Which is better?

Developing for iOS or developing for Android Which is better - Promatics Technologies

Should I choose Android or iOS for my next mobile app? This could be one of the popular questions in mobile app development industry.   Every mobile app developer — whether new or experienced will ask himself this question before beginning a new project. There are a number of factors that help you choose the … Continue reading


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