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How popular brands are making great use of Progressive Web Apps to connect with their customers?

Progressive Web Apps are progressing swiftly How these brands are keeping customers hooked with PWAs-Promatics Technologies

One of the mobile technology trends in 2018 is a rise in the popularity of progressive web apps. The PWA landscape is fast changing the e-commerce vertical and big names in the business like Twitter, Starbucks, Washington Post, Pinterest, the Weather channel and many more have launched their PWAs in last six months. Though considered … Continue reading

Voice activated apps are already here powered by VFT or Voice First Technology: What are the challenges and solutions?

VFT or Voice First Technology is the next big thing for mobile apps Where we stand now-Promatics Technologies

The introduction of voice assistants has provided new ways to interact with your smartphone. The availability of voice recognition software has encouraged mobile app developer to create voice-activated apps on smartphone platforms like Android and iOS. There has been increasing demand from smartphone users for better interfaces, especially which does not require the user to … Continue reading

What is UX discovery? How to conduct one for your app?

What is UX discovery How to conduct one for your app - Promatics Technologies

While designing an app for your business, it’s pertinent that you recognize the vital importance of providing a superlative User Experience (UX) with the application that you create. Going by research backed facts, as many as 52 percent users document that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with the company. A … Continue reading

Augmented Reality is bringing a revolution in Real Estate industry: Trends you need to know

Augmented Reality is bringing a revolution in Real Estate industry Trends you need to know - Promatics Technologies

With the rapid development of AR technology, consumers are presented with unique opportunities to make life much easier. The same is the case with real estate development. If you are a realtor, you might already know about the impact of technology in real estate industry.  Almost all the businesses are getting benefited from AR technology. … Continue reading

A quick guide to Apple Core ML: How it can power your normal ecommerce app to a super app?

Core ML can be used to build super apps. How to make the best of it-Promatics Technologies

Machine learning is a hot technology knocking our doors and slowly reshaping the way we live.It is a core sub-area of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to learn by themselves without being explicitly programmed.Machine learning offers a big opportunity to mobile development industry to break the shackles of mediocrity and build super apps. Let’s learn … Continue reading

Smart strategies for optimizing your ecommerce mobile app checkout

Mobile checkout best practices How to accomplish the best workflow-Promatics Technonogies

Designing the best checkout experience that performs in the best way is something that can’t be learned overnight. Context is the key to design a great user experience when launching e-commerce development project. It is a must for e-commerce app developers to focus on checkout page optimization. Checkout is an important process where the customer … Continue reading


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