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How to run a successful on demand services app?

How-to-run-a-successful-on-demand-services-app - Promatics Technologies

Since the time Uber became popular, there is an increasing demand of on-demand apps. On-demand services might be the future for many market segments such as – service ordering, grocery, healthcare, automobile, electronics etc.   Now, what are these on-demand service apps?   On-demand service apps are the mobile apps that allow users to order … Continue reading

How to Identify and Take Care of your Mobile MVP Customers


Your Mobile MVPs are a loyal group of customers that hold a lot of power and play a significant role in driving your business to success. Like any other business, chances are that 80% of the business on your mobile app will come from this 20% of extremely loyal customer base. In simple words, your … Continue reading

6 of the Most Important Mobile Marketing Metrics

6 of the Most Important Mobile Marketing Metrics - Promatics Technologies

For successful mobile marketing implementation, it is important to constantly analyse what is going on within an application. Assessing how it is being used by your end users and tracking other metrics allows you to implement the right upgrades, include more relevant features and maintain user loyalty.   Many apps, depending on the category they … Continue reading

9 ways Chatbots can enhance your app

9 ways Chatbots can enhance your app - Promatics Technologies

Chatbots have been in use in different forms since a long time. They are the automated service robots that help users navigate through different communication channels. The application of bots can vary from functional to fun, and can be implemented in major chat products. Chatbots have the ability to interpret human speech as well as … Continue reading

Top 5 web analytics tools you should know about

Top 5 web analytics tools you should know about - Promatics Technologies

Tracking the status and interpreting the data are very important in every business, no matter how small or large the company is. These statistics, reports and data help businesses make right choices and succeed in their respective fields. Even if your business is flying high at the moment, it is must to know where it … Continue reading

How to choose the right tech stack for your mobile application?

How to choose the right tech stack for your mobile application - Promatics Technologies

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way people live, work, stay informed and even shop. In a study, it was found that one in three people use smart devices such as – mobile, tablets, iPads etc. There is hardly any person in the world that is not familiar with mobile apps and their benefits. Companies are … Continue reading


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