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Snapchat’s recent redesign backfired: What to learn from it?

Snapchat's recent redesign backfired What to learn from it - Promatics Technologies

The new version of Snapchat received lot of criticism from users. The fans of Snapchat are pleading to reverse the changes. Well, do you know the story behind this?   The company has redesigned the app recently, which made it difficult for its fans to find and use their favorite features. There are some significant … Continue reading

What is the best video chat APIs to be integrated in your mobile apps? How do they compare against each other?

What is the best video chat APIs to be integrated in your mobile apps - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app market has gained a huge popularity in the recent years. The reason behind this could be the features that are added to your smartphones. Whether it is built-in or downloaded features, people are getting attracted to them. Currently, there are a few features such as – video calling, audio, text messaging etc that … Continue reading

Messaging apps are everywhere: What goes into building a great messaging app?

How to develop a great messaging app - Promatics Technologies

Messaging is one of the important functions of smartphones, which people love to use the most. Whether it is texting on WhatsApp or WeChat or Viber– users always want to have them at hand. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, nearly 30 trillion messages will be sent. The mobile app industry gets … Continue reading

Ionic Vs React Native: How to choose one over another?

Ionic Vs React Native How to choose one over another - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app frameworks have come a long way to bridge the gap between ease of app development and performance. Android apps are traditionally developed in Java, while iOS apps are developed in Swift. Besides these, there exists a variety of frameworks that can be used to develop an app on Android and iOS. These are … Continue reading

Seven steps to protect your app idea from being copied

7 important ways to protect your app idea from being stolen - Promatics Technologies

The number of mobile apps has increased significantly in the recent years. The app market is huge and it is expected that the app market will cross $80 billion by the end of 2018. The prospect of trying a new app excites the users, especially when they change their old device. As a result of … Continue reading

How to Build a Great Crowdfunding App?

How to build a great crowdfunding app - Promatics Technologies

Crowdfunding apps are highly in demand these days, as this concept has turned into a traditional investment process. Whether it is a small startup, charitable organization or individual company – this idea can be applied to a large group of potential funders.   Many people think of building crowdfunding app, especially if they are short … Continue reading


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