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Got a great mobile app? You also need to have web apps for a better outreach

Why expanding your mobile apps to web makes a lot of sense-Promatics Technologies

As mobility is growing at a great pace, mobile apps have become flavor of the season. If you want to reap the benefits of mobility, it is essential to get the development right. Many startups have crucial consideration whether they should choose native apps or web apps. Is it possible to expand native mobile apps … Continue reading

This is what you need to read if you are looking to prototype your mobile app

The ultimate guide to prototype a mobile app - Promatics Technologies

Developing a mobile app from scratch is a complex task. It is involved with a number of complex processes such as – UX wire framing, estimation, setting the task, prototyping, UI design, animation, iOS development, testing, releasing and updating. Many stages are interconnected and it is impossible to imagine linear dependence. Some of the phases … Continue reading

How Middle East is realizing that mobile apps is the new oil?

How Middle East is realizing that mobile apps is the new oil-Promatics Technologies

Middle East is the region centered on Western Asia and Egypt in North Africa. The most popular Middle East cities are – Riyadh, Tehran, Dubai, Jeddah, Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi etc. It is the birth place of several religions including – Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Bahai. Middle East remains popular destination for travelers. It is … Continue reading

Promatics Technologies has been awarded as the “Most Promising IT Company in Punjab”

Promatics is fecilitated with the Most Promising IT Company Award

We have some good news to share. Promatics Technologies has been delighting clients and demonstrated its ability to fabricate the most amazing and user-centric software and apps. We take pride in creating unique software experiences for our clients worldwide.   The efforts were recognized when we were awarded as “The Most Promising IT Company in … Continue reading

How to evaluate if your business needs a mobile app or not?

How to evaluate if your business needs a mobile app or not - Promatics Technologies

Is mobile app really a necessity for your business?Why you should launch a mobile app for your business? Are you not sure why your business need mobile app?   There are more than 1.3 million apps in Google Play store. There is an app for everything, which might make you wonder. With mobile apps breaking … Continue reading

How to build great apps targeted at kids?

How to build great apps targeted at kids - Promatics Technologies

Gone are the days, when kids used to spend hours in outdoor games, read book and do other activities. The reality has changed and children of today’s generation are more interested in mobile apps and video games. Modern kids are adjusted to using mobile devices from initial years itself. Though parents cannot stop the process … Continue reading


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