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What Is Deep Linking and Why it is so important?


In recent years, people in general spend more time using mobile applications than on mobile browsers. In fact, people spend 80% of their mobile minutes while navigating through apps. However, smartphone conversion rates tell a different story. They are significantly lower than desktop conversion rates, necessitating a more active approach towards driving engagement and conversion … Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Using Micorservices in Mobile Apps

All You Need to Know About Using Micorservices in Mobile Apps - Promatics Technologies

Success in the world of mobile apps can be ephemeral if a business doesn’t keep up with times. Given the fierce competition and race to emulate with the latest trends, an app is celebrated on one day and labelled outdated on the other. Sometimes, a business has invested years in building and testing an app … Continue reading

The Definitive Guide for Mobile App Testing


Android users were able to choose between 2.1 million apps in 2018. The adoption of mobile apps for the simplest of functions predicts bright futures for the industry. Most people think that a seemingly great app idea is just what they need to start a profiteering app business. However, o the other hand, a recent … Continue reading

Have a Fertility App Idea? Don’t Miss to Read This

Key Benefits of Fertility Apps You Need To Know About - Promatics Technologies

It is common knowledge that consuming work schedules, intense pressures, indulgent lifestyles and rising stress levels have ushered in an era of fertility discrepancies in modern women.  Many women today are prioritising careers, postponing marriage and motherhood for later. This further aggravates the contraception rate which is inversely proportional to age. Important factors like menstrual … Continue reading

How to Research If There Is An Audience For Your App

Who wants to use your app-Promatics Technologies

An interesting post-mortem of startup failures by CB Insights states that 42% of them fail due to lack of market need. Believing that you have a great app idea does not equal having a profiteering app business in all cases. It is only when your app has a substantial target market that it will fetch … Continue reading

What to Consider while Building a Local Buy And Sell App?

All you need to know while building a local Buy And Sell App-Promatics Technologies

The advent and adoption of mobile devices have narrowed down the gap between buyers and sellers phenomenally. Given the convenience brought forth by mobile devices, customer acquisition is much easier for modern businesses due to enhanced outreach and latest targeting techniques. Still, there is a big chunk of customers who are interested in buying stuff … Continue reading


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