Analysis And Optimization

We perform and recommend web site / app analysis and optimization because it results in highly competitive web sites that out-perform on all required metrics such as conversion rates, traffic, speed, and importantly the ROI. We make use of our creativity and innovation to design web sites and apps.

Website Analysis and Optimization

We follow simple design principles to enhance the success of the sites and apps.

  • Design for Speed
  • Simple Navigation
  • Consistency
  • Interactive and Personalized Sites
  • Target the Market

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Analysis Best Practices

Edward Shteyman

Edward Shteyman

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Design for Speed:

To minimize the load time, we include light weight and small compressed graphics. We adopt the JavaScript, Flash, Streaming Audio/Video, animation and the like very carefully and only if mandatory

Simple Navigation:

We design easy and intuitive site / app navigation. Site visitors find simple and seamless navigation convenient. We add powerful search features so that the visitors get what they are looking for quickly.


We design the sites and apps for consistent look and feel across all devices with elegant and simple layouts. We keep simple themes that are attractive and facilitate customer engagement. Our choice of colour schemes and themes are well researched, sober, and consistent throughout and suited to positive customer response.

Interactive and Personalized Sites:

We prefer to design interactive sites where visitors can send queries and expect replies. Personalization of websites positively leads to customer delight and is aimed at increasing sales. We utilize analytic tools to study the online behaviour of visitors for Personalization.

Target the Market:

We study our market and build sites in accordance with their preferences. We build designs that target the right market may it be professional business or more informal sites meant for the younger age groups.

Usability Research and Testing

Usability research and testing at Promatics involves evaluation of a product or service by testing it with representative users to understand the impact of design on an audience. The goal is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data and find out the user’s satisfaction with the product or service. To run this usability test we develop a strong test plan and execute it. We then analyze the results and report the findings and finally implement them based on priority and user need.

The advantage of Usability research and testing is that it lets our design and development teams to identify problems before well before coding. Identifying the problems earlier and fixing them turns out to be cost effective.


What do we do during the testing phase?

  • Determine the level of user satisfaction with respect to the products/website
  • Study if representative users are able to complete specified tasks successfully
  • Identify the time taken to complete specified tasks
  • Identify and note down the changes required to improve user performance and satisfaction levels
  • Analyze the performance to cross check if it meets our usability objectives and goals


Optimization Through Design:

We focus on the optimization of the site's style elements such as font size, background colours, layout etc. All these design elements play an important role in creating search-engine friendly designs. While designing websites / apps we cater to the following for increased conversion.

Usability Research and Testing

Advantage with us:

  • Fonts: We make sure the font-size is a certain size that is readable without strain, legible and clear
  • Colour: We keep in mind the colour associations for a global user experience because every colour has a different association. The choice of Colour contrast is extremely important for readability. Colours have a great impact on the emotions and associated responses. Colour selection is necessary for the site/ apps to make it easy to read and easy to interpret by both searchers and search engines.
  • Layouts: We design layouts that are lucid in terms of the position of the different texts and graphics on a page.

On Page SEO

On Page Website Optimization

There are several sections of the website that need to be reviewed and improved as part of optimization which is a continuous process. It includes the improvement of the above mentioned points. Once these are implemented, search engines find it easier to index the websites and display it in relevant search results.

On Page SEO for websites

On-Page Optimization is a key factor in site/app optimization success. We optimize websites to make them more attractive to search engines as well as visitors. The selection of site keywords and description of apps is in direct proportion to your search ranking and visibility. On-Page Content optimization gives the insight to create to the context, engaging content which will help to increase SEO rankings, drive more online traffic and increase conversions.


Our On Page optimization strategy involves the following:

  • Keyword research and Analysis: We utilize keywords that are most relevant to the overall page content.
  • Page Tile: We keep keywords under 70 characters with not more than two long-tail keywords per page title, primary keyword should appear first, each page title on the website should be unique
  • Meta Description: It helps people decide which result to click. This must be kept under 150 characters, it should be valuable and hold a compelling reason for visitors to visit the page
  • URL: We make sure the website page’s URL includes the primary keyword
  • Heading Tags: We ensure that the page has one H1 heading tag that includes the primary keyword, This H1 tag appears at the top of the page and is the first thing visitors view when they arrive on a page.
  • Page content: We use primary keywords a few times throughout the page content.
  • Adding a Call to Action: Every website page, including blogs, we include at least one call to action above the page’s fold and also avoid the visitors Scrolling down effort
  • Internal Links: We create one or two links on the related pages that link back to the page you are trying to optimize.
  • Images: We optimize the most prominent image on the page using the primary keyword.
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