Engagement Models

Being a customer centric organization, we are flexible in our approach and engagement models. Our adaptability to change with the fast paced IT landscape has proven to be the mainstay of our enduring customer relationships.

Promatics has a rich experience of delivering services on a range of Time-and-Material and Fixed-Fee driven models as well as sourcing dedicated resources, for short-term and multiyear contracts. We have three distinct engagement models:

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Pick and choose or mix and match from our engagement models

1. Fixed Price

This model has a predefined scope for which a fixed agreed amount would be charged. It is made clear that anything that is not specifically mentioned in the scope would cost extra.  This is a flexible model with quarterly and annual reviews to ensure alignment of the product(s) / service(s) with the business needs. We assume the responsibility of making resources / certified professionals available, with required skills and experience as per the project requirement. Our Technology competency is driven by streamlined processes and well designed methodology. In this model, we assume the accountability and ownership of:

  • Delivery to the mutually agreed SLAs
  • Managing the resources and deliverables as per the agreed SLAs
  • Control over the processes and resources by which the services are managed and delivered
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Time n Material

2. Time and Material

This model has a predefined scope for which the charges are agreed for every hour worked. In this model, we agree to charge based upon the work that was done by the resources on the project.  The key to success using this model is a clear understanding of the required tasks and an estimate of the completion time.

We assume the accountability and ownership of:

  • Availability of Certified Professionals with required skills and experience
  • Customer retaining ownership for the deliverables and management of resources
  • Allowing ramp up/ down with 1 month notice
  • Replacement of any resource which both parties mutually agree is ineffective in achieving the deliverables of the team
  • Providing a replacement with an equivalent or better skill set

3. Dedicated Offshore Resources

In this model, we provide skilled resources that would be working either full time or on a part time basis depending on the need. In this case the customer decides the work model, e.g. reporting, governance, project management and the delivery mechanism.  The customer has control over the type of infrastructure that is required for the project. Our resources adhere to the same. Our resources make sure that a deadline is met due to fixed Monthly billing.

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