Performance Testing

The objective of Performance testing is to verify how the developed applications and systems perform in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It is also used to verify if the website / app is designed in a structurally correct manner and its function during peak operations. Performance testing determines if the technology has been used properly and that, when all the component parts are assembled, they function as a cohesive unit that meets response time requirements. The testing techniques are not designed to validate that the website or application / system is functionally correct, but to test its speed, scalability, reliability and resource usage.

Software Performance Testing

The need for websites/ apps to be scalable, stable and fast:

Our high-level goals for performance testing:

  • Verify that the system performs as required under expected usage levels
  • Identify points of system degradation or bottlenecks by continuous monitoring
  • Identify system capacity and limitations on specific components
  • Identify causes of poor performance of the business functions
  • Reduce implementation risk

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Website Performance Review

Our Website Performance Review is mainly based on visitor activity. We analyse the website visitor data to understand the following:

  • Keywords used to get to the website
  • Visitors most and least interesting pages
  • What calls to action are working / not working
  • Issues faced while navigating etc.

From this data we produce a review document which involves a walkthrough of the website and explaining what’s working, what’s not, our recommendations and suggestions, what needs to be done to improve the site and ways of attracting more visitors. Implementing the recommendations from this Website Performance Review definitely produces a more effective website for businesses

When it comes to when the best website performance we consider the following points:



The performance features make sure that the website doesn't have lengthy loading times that frustrate visitors. Caching, compression, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) boost website performance. All of these features will make sure that the site doesn't yank.



Website statistics can make a big difference between to the performance of the website. For every dip or surge in visitors you can see what has affected the website to cause the spikes.


Help & Support

We provide help to give you the support structure you need to keep your website running. We offer support services that enhances both security and performance.


Server performance optimization:

Our server performance optimization technique is based on industry best practices that have been tried and tested and proven to be the best for a number of projects. Our server optimization techniques are:

  • Centralisation – We consolidate many servers into a smaller number of server sites, in order to lower costs, easier management of the IT environment, increased recoverability of data, reduced security risk
  • Physical Consolidation - We replace existing servers with lesser yet more powerful servers. The benefits are: optimised use of the all servers, better manageability, reduced costs, and low hardware & maintenance costs.
  • Application Integration - We consolidate applications to fewer severs and operating systems making business processes easier to handle to get optimised performance of the whole IT system, reduction in administrative costs,
  • Server Virtualisation – We create virtual servers out of one physical server. This reduces floor space, electricity and cuts down on power costs as well as aids boosting overall security and manageability.
Website Performance Optimization


Performance Testing Tools:

Performance testing tools test how the website / application performs in peak traffic and extreme stress conditions. We have hands-on testing experience on a number of tools may it be open source or licensed such as Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, WebLOAD, NeoLoad, LoadUI, WAPT, Loadster, LoadImpact, Rational Performance Tester, Testing Anywhere, OpenSTA, QEngine (ManageEngine), Loadstorm, CloudTest and Httperf


How do we do it?

Our application developers and architects incorporate performance testing into their existing development activities, to develop code that meets performance requirements. Developers conduct performance testing at the unit and component integration test levels to make sure that the application performance requirements have been met. At or near the completion of system testing, performance testing of the application and infrastructure is required. It tests the performance of the websites / application and infrastructure in a production-like environment to verify that the system meets or exceeds requirements for performance response time.

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