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A dynamic professional with strengths in both project and time management. With strong analytical skills and the ability to provide tremendous business solutions, he made his way to a Project Manager in a short span of time. He is collaborative and highly skilled in working as a team member, incorporating best practices in successfully executing complex projects. His expertise includes analyzing the technical needs of the clients, proposing effective solutions and delivering large scale projects on time. He possesses strong communication skills as well as interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with people at all levels. In leisure time, Hari Om enjoys cooking and roving with his loved ones.

Prototyping: The Pros and Cons of Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity Design

Exploring the Contrasts_ Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity Prototyping - Promatics Technologies

Many designers become confused about choosing low-fidelity and high-fidelity. However, both have some unique features. It’s all about context and priorities when deciding between high and low fidelity. High-fidelity and low-fidelity prototyping are not replacements for one another, and employing both at different points in the development process is typically recommended. To clarify your confusion, … Continue reading

Maximizing Your Magento Store’s Potential: Best Practices for Running a Successful Online Retail Business

The Essential Guide to Running a Successful Magento Store_ Best Practices for E-Commerce Success - PromaticsTechnologies

The e-commerce industry has exploded recently, more so since the pandemic. The global retail e-commerce industry is expected to be worth 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. This rapid, industry-wide growth has been spearheaded not by retail giants like Amazon or Walmart but by localized, niche players and small-scale online retailers.   But competition in a … Continue reading

What should you expect from a kick-off meeting as a client?

How to Prepare for a Kickoff Meeting with the Development Team - Promatics Technologies

Every project has to start somewhere; it could be over an email conversation, an instant message, or a meeting. The downside of messages and emails is that they easily get lost or overlooked. However, a one-on-one meeting effectively communicates the gravity of a new business undertaking. A project kick-off meeting is a crucial point in … Continue reading

How To Prepare Your Website For The 2022 Holiday Season?

Steps to Prepare your Website for the 2002 holiday season - Promatics Technologies

With the holiday season fast approaching, marketers are contemplating different ways to attract and engage their customers. Since a company’s website is usually the first point of contact for most consumers, optimizing it for the festive season and creating maximum impact only makes sense.   Companies that rely on online sales understand the importance of … Continue reading

SaaS Treasure Hunt Guide: How to Build a Great SaaS Product?

The Anatomy of a SaaS Product - Promatics Technologies

Whether you have been operating your business in stealth mode or not, there’s no doubt that SaaS is on the rise, and it could be a great resource for your company.   But before you rush into building a product and launching it into the market, you need to do some due diligence and ensure … Continue reading

Here are the Top Payment Gateways in Middle Eastern Countries

Popular-Payment-Gateways-in-Middle-East - Promatics Technologies

Gone are the days when Middle Eastern countries used to be far behind the rest of the world when it comes to technological advancements, that is also applicable to online banking, money transfer, and eCommerce. In fact, most of these countries boast not only the top payment gateways in the Middle East but across the … Continue reading


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