Author: Rahul Singh

Rahul has been associated with the apps industry for more than 9 years now. He has seen the apps economy grow from its nascent days to a full fledged industry with its complete ecosystem as of today. His interest lies in pursuing and getting to know the best app development technologies, processes and platforms. He is truly an app enthusiast. In his free time he loves playing console games and reading history.

A Deep Dive into the App Maintenance Plan and Strategy

App Maintenance Plan and Strategy Explored - Promatics Technologies

App development has become a business that is booming in the current times. With each passing year, there is an increase in mobile apps, and people are building more apps to stay ahead in business. However, do you think your work ends after building and launching an app? Do you know anything about the app … Continue reading

Creating Your Fitness App: Tips And Best Practices

Fitness Apps are no longer a luxury but a necessity - Promatics Technologies

Over the past few years, the popularity of health and fitness apps has massively increased. Why? People have always been obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, individuals have started paying more attention to their wellness and fitness after the pandemic outbreak in 2020. With social restrictions and lockdown, visits to the gym lessened, and … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Accessibility Standards

Mandatory Checklist Mobile App Accessibility Standards - Promatics Technologies

As the awareness of mobile applications’ accessibility increases in general audiences, many companies strive to provide a more inclusive and equitable experience to their users. These companies can improve product competitiveness and increase conversions by broadening their customer reach.   This article will discuss the purpose of mobile accessibility standards and how they can be … Continue reading

How to Define Your Mobile App Project Requirements in 5 Easy Steps?

5 Easy Steps to List Out your Mobile App Project Requirements - Promatics Technologies

With the rise in technology, people have forgotten about arcade games, hopscotch, even going to the supermarket. Everything has moved on to phones and laptops. Hence, the rise in the use of Mobile Apps.   Designing and launching a Mobile App is not a piece of cake. Instead, it requires thorough planning and pure hard … Continue reading

How to Get an Apple App Developer Account?

Quick Guide to Get an Apple App Developer Account -- Promatics Technologies

Suppose you are an app developer and you believe that this app that you have spent countless days coding, preparing, and developing might be the next viral thing that breaks the internet, then you should consider taking the game to the big leagues i.e., the App Store.   Getting your app uploaded to the App … Continue reading

Quick Guide: Mobile App Support and Maintenance

Fundamentals of App Support and Maintenance - Promatics Technologies

Like every other software, mobile apps require constant updates, continuous editing, and ongoing maintenance. Many mobile app developers suffer from a lifetime of regret for not paying more attention to these. If you want to save yourself from the fate of these developers, here is everything that you need to know about mobile app support … Continue reading


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