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Sunil is an experienced HR professional who always strives to explore new aspects of HR domain to cultivate a highly productive and optimistic work culture. He is highly organized and motivated person with proven experience in recruitment, manpower planning, interviewing & motivating people, employee engagement activities, employee retention, selling and negotiation. Sunil understands the essence of time, hence always ensure to finish assigned tasks within given time frame. He is able to interact with people efficiently & harmoniously. Sunil loves to hear all types of music and enjoys reading books and motivational quotes.

How to Research If There Is An Audience For Your App

Who wants to use your app-Promatics Technologies

An interesting post-mortem of startup failures by CB Insights states that 42% of them fail due to lack of market need. Believing that you have a great app idea does not equal having a profiteering app business in all cases. It is only when your app has a substantial target market that it will fetch … Continue reading

How to talk to a UI/UX designer in his language?

How to speak Designers Language - Promatics Technologies

Developing a successful mobile app for business requires close association of designers, developers and businesses. Coming from radically different backgrounds, all three tend to have different viewpoints for app design. While mobile applications have become a necessity for every modern business weather big or small, it is highly unlikely that a business owner has intricate … Continue reading


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