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10 Cardinal E-Commerce UX Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make

Ecommerce Website UX_ 10 Mistakes You cannot afford to make - Promatics Technologies

E-commerce: The way to be connected to the world Ecommerce has slowly become a critical component of corporate strategy and a powerful stimulus for economic development in the rising global economy. As e-commerce grows, increased competition, cost savings, and changes in seller pricing behaviour may all lead to decreased inflation. Having an online store to … Continue reading

The Four Stages Of Magento Migration Explained

Steps for a Successful Magento Migration - Promatics Technologies

Innovation and up-gradation of software, sites, and eCommerce platforms are part of the evolving technology. Similarly, an eCommerce platform called Magento introduced its new version of Magento 2 in July 2015. The strengths and modified features of Magento transferred from the previous Magento 1 platform to the new one. Magento 1 was supported by Magento … Continue reading

18 Strategies to Implement When Building a Custom eCommerce Website

Tips for Building a Custom eCommerce Website - Promatics Technologies

Consider utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies available today to reap significant rewards if you own a business or start one. You should think about a custom ecommerce development store, the greatest choice available nowadays. The art of designing and constructing websites to sell products or services online is a tough job.   When developing and designing an … Continue reading

The Rise of Headless eCommerce

eCommerce Slowly Pivoting Towards Headless Commerce - Promatics Technologies

COVID-19 has had an impact on everything, and businesses are no different. Ever since the pandemic, the trend has shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. People refrain from going to the stores and instead order stuff online. With almost every retailer starting an online business, there is some serious competition in eCommerce. That is … Continue reading

Why do Customers Return Products on Ecommerce websites?

How you can reduce returns on your E-commerce Website - Promatics Technologies

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, but more specifically, it has significantly restructured the way of conducting business all around. The world has seen a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shops. Whether you’re new to the eCommerce business industry or a connoisseur, returns will always be a nuisance for you. This article will … Continue reading

All about Product Recommendation Engines: How they can Amp Up your e-commerce Store Sales?

The Indisputable Role of Product Recommendation Engines in the Ecommerce Ecosystem-Promatics Technologies

I wonder how Amazon always gets the bits of ‘what I want to buy’ always right. Actually, that turns out to be bad for me that I end up buying more than what I should and eventually am out of budget for other things.   But thinking about it from Amazon’s perspective, if you are … Continue reading


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