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10 Tips for Designing a Better Checkout Page

The e-commerce life is filed with several conversion amount drops, too many website owners and shopping cart abandonment on a particular checkout page. This has become a bitter element in today’s technological driven world. Better conversions are the ultimate aim of every marketer, businessman and advertiser. But this can be changed easily. There are scopes … Continue reading

Top Magento Extension to Power Your Magento Store

Magento is a very powerful and fast growing system for management of open-source management that is applied to e-commerce. Developed by VarienInc by US, it was first made available for public use on 31st March 2008. Magento uses a database of MSQL, PHP programming and elements of Zend Framework. For storing data, Magento provides a … Continue reading

Ingredients of a Successful Ecommerce Site

Online shopping is advantageous, both for sellers as well as buyers. Sellers can approach a large number of prospective buyers who, on the other hand, have access to a wide range of potential sellers of products and services, as compared to the traditional ‘over the counter’ shopping. Sitting at home, buyers make choice of their … Continue reading

How Promatics Helped ElectroSage LLC to Accept Payments in Bitcoins

The most recent feature of the Electro Sage LLC is the gateway of Bitcoin Payment created by Promatics Technologies, the unquestionable leader in the world of digitalization. By designing an online portal for its client, Promatics has provided a platform where one can sell unwanted smart phones. Be it a broken, unused or a damaged … Continue reading

5 Magento Coding Recommendation for optimized performance

Regardless of the e-commerce system you have been working upon, system performance is the final barometer of success. It will make all the difference between your efforts and customer satisfaction. It is important to note that modern customers have several options. There won’t stick to a website that disappoints them in any way. As a … Continue reading

Want to Improve Conversion Rates – Use these strategies

Nothing can be more daunting for a e-commerce website owner than a potential customer entering the checkout process only to leave the website before committing to the transaction. As per Enterprise Apps Today, about 60% of online shoppers log out before completing the online transaction. Well, there are several reasons for this. So is there … Continue reading


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