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How To Build An MVP That Can Attract Investors?

What kind of an MVP Entice Investors - Promatics Technologies

Having a brilliant business idea is exciting but pitching the same to investors is an intimidating thought. Startups usually require external funding to realize their full potential and need to pull investors and get them on board with their business proposition.   While it may sound pretty straightforward at first, modern investors aren’t quick at … Continue reading

How to Bootstrap your way to a great app? A Detailed Playbook

Bootstrapping is a Great Way to Build your App - Promatics Technologies

When starting off with your business, you may see many shortcuts to success – one of many, and the most widely preferred is taking money from investors. This kick starts your business idea but your business model is not unique to you anymore. Are you interested in paving your path to success like that? Here … Continue reading

How to Make a Pitch Deck That Will Impress Investors?

9 Things to Consider while Building a Pitch Deck for your App Promatics - Technologies

The Age of Digitalization Do you want to know how to get your app off the ground? Let me tell you, it isn’t simple, but it is well worth your time and effort.   The use of mobile apps has surged worldwide in the last decade. By the end of 2022, there will be roughly … Continue reading

5 Novel App Ideas for 2022

Out of Box App Ideas to Explore in 2022 - Promatics Technologies

Technological advancement has propelled mobile usage to unprecedented heights. With the increase in electronic usage, most operations are carried through these devices. The focus shift to modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers has opened new avenues for app manufacturers. People fed up with runny web servers opt to operate apps that are comparatively easier … Continue reading

The Best Tools to Manage Your Startup

Top tools to manage your startup - Promatics Technologies

So, in an answer to the question “what are the three elements that ensure the success of any startup company?”, you have probably heard every entrepreneur talk about consistency, agility, and innovation.   a.) Consistency stops you from giving up when you have exhausted all your energy and resources. b.) Agility helps you in taking … Continue reading

How Pivoting can save your App Start-up?

Pivoting can Change the Fortunes of your App - Promatics Technologies

All of us have heard of Amazon, right? And we unanimously agree that it is the largest online retail store in the world serving more than 40% of customers online in the US only. However, it never started as the company we know today. The company was originally called ‘Cadabra’ and was a bookstore that … Continue reading


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