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A look at most profitable app categories

What are the most profitable appcategories - Promatics Technologies

Mobile App Development is driven by a quest to make a user’s life easy, offer convenience. In the process, Mobile App Development businesses seek to make money by adding value. An app developed keeping user’s pain points in mind can be a thriving revenue stream for the business owner. In 2018, global downloads across iOS … Continue reading

What would 2019 hold for food delivery apps? Here are all the future trends

The Exciting Future Trends of Food Delivery Apps - Promatics Technologies

Feeling hungry? *click on the phone* and voila! Have your food delivered to your location. The advent of food delivery apps has escalated the convenience of food ordering by leaps and bounds, resulting in massive popularity and retention among masses. A positive trend has been observed in investment scenarios with a high valuation of food … Continue reading

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019 - Promatics Technologies

We have all seen how mobile and software development trends have shaped our lifestyles in recent times, solves major lifestyle problems and changed the way we live our lives with conveniences. Better still, Mobile App Development landscape is evolving rapidly to provide its users with a better experience. The ongoing year 2018 is about to … Continue reading

What are the best ways to Incorporate Machine Learning in Your Mobile App?

What are the best ways to Incorporate Machine Learning in Your Mobile App - Promatics Technologies

Machine learning is a self-evolutionary interactive field that is designed to incorporate the functionalities of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing through a series of algorithms. Machine Learning  is used to understand the relationship between big data and is aimed at obtaining a certain desired output. Machine Learning has revamped the way we interact with … Continue reading

Understanding Blockchain: Does your project need it?

Does your project need blockchain-Promatics Technologies

The blockchain technology is one of the most talked and hyped technologies across all industry verticals. Many large companies are spending a huge amount on the research of blockchain technologies to integrate it into their products. However, not much information about blockchain technology is available in the public domain.One thing that people relate with blockchain … Continue reading

Voice activated apps are already here powered by VFT or Voice First Technology: What are the challenges and solutions?

VFT or Voice First Technology is the next big thing for mobile apps Where we stand now-Promatics Technologies

The introduction of voice assistants has provided new ways to interact with your smartphone. The availability of voice recognition software has encouraged mobile app developer to create voice-activated apps on smartphone platforms like Android and iOS. There has been increasing demand from smartphone users for better interfaces, especially which does not require the user to … Continue reading


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