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Is blockchain right for your app?

Is blockchain right for your app - Promatics Technologies

The blockchain is one of the most discussed technologies in the world today. Many people who know a little about blockchain can only relate it to bitcoin transactions. There have been discussions in the mobile app world about using blockchain technology to replace traditional databases like MySQL.   If you have a mobile app you … Continue reading

Startups cannot ignore mobile users if they want to be successful in 2018

Catering to Mobile Users Is Absolutely Necessary For Startups In 2018-Promatics Technologies

Having the knowledge of how important a marketing campaign on the mobile market is for a brand is quite common these days. Many startups realize that without that part of the market, in today’s landscape, they are completely handicapped. Therefore a lot of them try to create marketing strategies to no avail and flop on … Continue reading

Why do you need to turn your website into an app?

Why do you need to turn your website into an app - Promatics Technologies

A website is a powerful asset, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs. It helps you showcase your brand and provide a cost-effective communication tool. A website gives your customers an opportunity to access your site from their laptops, desktops and handheld devices. However, there is a dramatic change in the pattern. Today, many customers are … Continue reading

Why in-app purchases are very important and how do implement them correctly?

How to do in-app purchases the right way - Promatics Technologies

Monetization is one of the important factors to consider when developing mobile apps. The ultimate goal of every developer or app owner is to generate revenue out of their app. there are many ways to monetize your mobile app. However, the most popular revenue is the in-app purchase. In a research, it was found that … Continue reading

What is Google Flutter? What all it offers app developers?

Google's Flutter is now in beta. What the new cross platform app development framework brings on table - Promatics Technologies

Google released beta version of flutter, which is a new mobile UI framework. This framework can be used by developers to speed up the process of building native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  The apps can be built using a single code base with Flutter and compile directly on native processor architecture code … Continue reading

Apple’s HealthKit vs Google Fit: Who is winning the next important domain invaded by technology?

How does Apples HealthKit and Google Fit compare Who is winning - Promatics Technologies

Well, there are a number of instances where Apple and Google are battling directly. Whether it is in terms of mobile apps, desktop OS or mobile OS – there is huge competition between both. Health apps have been on demand these days, and hence both Apple and Google are on their way to enter the … Continue reading


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