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Streamlining-Education-The-Advantages-of-Using-Edutech-Apps - Promatics Technologies

Prior to COVID-19, the majority of educational institutions relied on traditional teaching strategies that required both the teacher and the students to be present physically in a classroom. The lecture had to be given by the teacher, and the students took notes on the important topics and used physical books for study and in-depth learning. … Continue reading

The Importance of Regular App Maintenance: Why Neglecting Your App Can Harm Your Business

The Case for App-Maintenance How-Regular Upkeep Can Help Your App Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace - Promatics Technologies

A ton of smartphone users think of mobile applications as definite solutions to daily problems and needs. However, these same users will not think twice before saying goodbye to an app for good if they feel that overall performance is or has become very poor. This is a major reason why most businesses and companies … Continue reading

What does React Native .70 Bring to the Table?

Everything you need to know about React Native .70 - Promatics Technologies

Are you ready to learn about the most exciting new development in the tech world? You might have even heard about it. Yes, that’s right! React Native has some important updates that take its efficiency to the optimum. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about React Native, its brief history, … Continue reading

How To Make An EV Charging Station App?

The Ins and Outs of EV Charging Station App - Promatics Technologies

Electric automobiles are undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry. The steady growth of EVs and the acknowledgment of their favorable impact on the environment is a testament to their popularity among consumers. Moreover, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provided the automotive industry of the U.S a much-needed boost towards the adoption of clean … Continue reading

The Most Essential Third-party APIs You Should Get Integrated Into Your Mobile App

Popular Third-Party APIs for your Mobile App - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app development is a time-consuming task, as it requires a lot of patience and precision to bring a flawless and efficient app to the table. The downside of dedicating substantial time to developing a mobile app is the increased process cost. Fortunately, integrating third-party APIs is the best way to curb expenses and minimize … Continue reading

Eight Innovative Features to Make your Real Estate Apps Indispensable

8 Innovative Features for your Real Estate App - Promatics Technologies

Real estate is a booming industry, and realtors have never been under this pressure. Also, we have never seen this high demand for real estate app development because buyers, as well as sellers, are all online.   In recent years, 97% of customers used the internet to buy, sell, or rent a house/property, and 76% … Continue reading


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