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Eight Innovative Features to Make your Real Estate Apps Indispensable

8 Innovative Features for your Real Estate App - Promatics Technologies

Real estate is a booming industry, and realtors have never been under this pressure. Also, we have never seen this high demand for real estate app development because buyers, as well as sellers, are all online.   In recent years, 97% of customers used the internet to buy, sell, or rent a house/property, and 76% … Continue reading

10 Sought After Healthcare App Ideas to Explore

10 Promising HEALTHCARE APP IDEAS TO Consider for Your healthcare Startup - Promatics Technologies

Introduction The medical industry has witnessed certain advancements as a result of the surge in technological development. Modern medical advances include robotic surgery, wearable healthcare technology, and efficient drug development.   The healthcare business is on the success track of how medical assistance is provided in terms of consultations, treatments, and prescriptions. Many business owners … Continue reading

14 Features you Should Avoid in Your Apps


You always want your mobile app development process to be successful and flawless before you release a new application. However, there are some unnecessary or bothersome features that you shouldn’t include in your app because they will swiftly undermine your strategy and turn off your target audience.   Which one of them should you hold … Continue reading

10 Great Fintech App Ideas to consider in 2022

Fintech App Ideas for 2022 - Promatics Technlogies

Introduction Fintech, as the word suggests, is an amalgamation of technology and finance. To understand Fintech, you must understand the rampant world of advanced technology. Fintech is a modern solution in the form of an application of progressive technology which delivers financial services to individuals and businesses globally. It is Fintech that has made things … Continue reading

Why do Startups prefer Flutter over anything else for their Apps in 2022?

How has Flutter become Startups' Number One Choice - Promatics Technologies

With times evolving and customers being more inclined to have digitized solutions for their day-to-day purchasing needs, the era of an e-commerce platform for businesses has taken a new leap. Being the easiest touchpoint to connect to your target audience and potential customers, startups want to develop an application with a user-friendly interface that tops … Continue reading

A Deep Dive into the App Maintenance Plan and Strategy

App Maintenance Plan and Strategy Explored - Promatics Technologies

App development has become a business that is booming in the current times. With each passing year, there is an increase in mobile apps, and people are building more apps to stay ahead in business. However, do you think your work ends after building and launching an app? Do you know anything about the app … Continue reading


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