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7 Major Differences between iOS and Android Development

iOS and Android Development How are they different from one another - Promatics Technologies

The rivalry between iOS and Android has continued since the time they both began to exist. The topic does not seem to grow old for a discussion. Instead, new aspects and analyses emerge after the release of any new feature on either side.   On one hand, smartphone users and reviewers on either side are … Continue reading

Healthcare Apps: Types, Features, and Compliances

All you need to know about Healthcare Apps - Promatics Technologies

Software and apps have penetrated into all walks of life. Likewise, healthcare is also not left untouched from it. Apps have provided immense benefits to users as well as opened doors to new possibilities and opportunities. In some cases, technology has resulted in life-saving breakthroughs. Who’s up for a deep dive?   The first decade … Continue reading

10 Ways to Retain and Engage your Mobile App Users

Top 10 Ways to Retain and Engage your Mobile App Users- Promatics Technologies

Mobile applications are computer programs and software applications which allow users to perform their desired functions on their mobile phones. But with the passing time, the number of similar applications is increasing. Since, in most cases, there is no cost of switching from one application to another, so users switch the application if they are … Continue reading

How to Build an App like Clubhouse?

How to Build an App like Clubhouse - Promatics Technologies

Clubhouse has been in the news for a while now, especially since the launch of its Beta for supposedly two main reasons:   1.) It has provided people access to celebrities and their rooms, people who one could only think about seeing photos and pictures of on Instagram. Clubhouse already has a number of celebrities … Continue reading

All you need to know when building a secure messaging app like Signal?


An environment is building up with a general air of suspicion around all digital communication channels. People are becoming more aware about their rights over their data and have realized just in time that their communications are private and they should remain private.   Masses and governments have been discussing on such sensitive matters from … Continue reading

Best Practices for Implementing In-App Advertisements in your Mobile App

Best-ways-to-Apply-In-App-Advertisements-in-your-Mobile-App -- Promatics Technologies

Introduction The advertisement industry has seen drastic shifts in recent years first newspapers and brochures to TV ads and then TV ads to the internet and mobile-app ads. While the newspaper ads added mass reach, TV ads brought interactive content to the table. Internet and mobile app advertisements introduced features of personalization and pin-point audience … Continue reading


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