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All you need to know when building a secure messaging app like Signal?


An environment is building up with a general air of suspicion around all digital communication channels. People are becoming more aware about their rights over their data and have realized just in time that their communications are private and they should remain private.   Masses and governments have been discussing on such sensitive matters from … Continue reading

Best Practices for Implementing In-App Advertisements in your Mobile App

Best-ways-to-Apply-In-App-Advertisements-in-your-Mobile-App -- Promatics Technologies

Introduction The advertisement industry has seen drastic shifts in recent years first newspapers and brochures to TV ads and then TV ads to the internet and mobile-app ads. While the newspaper ads added mass reach, TV ads brought interactive content to the table. Internet and mobile app advertisements introduced features of personalization and pin-point audience … Continue reading

Why Application Programming Interface or APIs are pivotal for any mobile app?

What is an API Why are APIs so important for any mobile app-Promatics Technologies

API has been a popular buzzword in the web and app development industry for a long time. It is an abbreviation for ‘Application Programming Interface’. APIs play a very major role in the development of any mobile or web application but before we move on towards that, let’s dig a little deeper into what it … Continue reading

How Widgets can provide an edge for your iOS Application?

iOS Widgets takes your iPhone App to Another Level-Promatics Technologies

Apple may be a little late to the party but yes. Finally, Apple has introduced widgets in the new iOS 14. While widgets have been on Android phones for years, Apple widgets appear more refined and blended in with the general Apple-esque aesthetic. A major reason for this is that widgets in Apple are made … Continue reading

The Nuts and Bolts of Offline Mobile Apps

Offline First Apps_ When Offline is Necessary-Promatics Technologies

Why design Offline-First Apps? The most useful applications are internet gateways that connect users to media, social, or informational sites. When most programs have a good internet or Wi-Fi connection, they can play their best performance. However, when a program has a large list of data (such as a shopping program), a bad connection can … Continue reading

How Much Would It Cost To Develop a Mobile App in 2021?


Statista claims that come 2021, there would be 3.8 million mobile phone users worldwide. Moreover, App Annie data predicts that the user base will double from 3.5 billion of app users to 6.3 billion by 2021. Further per capita spend on mobile apps will reach $1,008 per user by 2021. With more than half the … Continue reading


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