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Why do Startups prefer Flutter over anything else for their Apps in 2022?

How has Flutter become Startups' Number One Choice - Promatics Technologies

With times evolving and customers being more inclined to have digitized solutions for their day-to-day purchasing needs, the era of an e-commerce platform for businesses has taken a new leap. Being the easiest touchpoint to connect to your target audience and potential customers, startups want to develop an application with a user-friendly interface that tops … Continue reading

A Deep Dive into the App Maintenance Plan and Strategy

App Maintenance Plan and Strategy Explored - Promatics Technologies

App development has become a business that is booming in the current times. With each passing year, there is an increase in mobile apps, and people are building more apps to stay ahead in business. However, do you think your work ends after building and launching an app? Do you know anything about the app … Continue reading

Native Or React Native? Let’s Compare The Two App Development Platforms

Comparing Native to React Native An Interesting Take on the Two Platforms - Promatics Technologies

Previously, Native technology was at the forefront of developing an app for Android and iOS. However, more cross-platform frameworks were introduced with time. React Native is one of the recent mobile app development platforms. While some people believe that traditional Native mobile app development is still the premium framework, some are confused between Native and … Continue reading

Creating Your Fitness App: Tips And Best Practices

Fitness Apps are no longer a luxury but a necessity - Promatics Technologies

Over the past few years, the popularity of health and fitness apps has massively increased. Why? People have always been obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, individuals have started paying more attention to their wellness and fitness after the pandemic outbreak in 2020. With social restrictions and lockdown, visits to the gym lessened, and … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Accessibility Standards

Mandatory Checklist Mobile App Accessibility Standards - Promatics Technologies

As the awareness of mobile applications’ accessibility increases in general audiences, many companies strive to provide a more inclusive and equitable experience to their users. These companies can improve product competitiveness and increase conversions by broadening their customer reach.   This article will discuss the purpose of mobile accessibility standards and how they can be … Continue reading

Does Flutter 2.8 Live Up to its Hype?

New Features in Flutter 2.8 -- Promatics Technologies

Flutter 2.8 is the latest update to Google’s app development toolkit that comes with many new features and a massive boost in performance.   If you have not yet tried it, Flutter is a cross-platform framework to create mobile apps for android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the web from the same code. The release … Continue reading


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