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Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototype: How they differ from each other?

Understanding the difference between Wireframes vs Mockups vs Prototype-Promatics Technologies

Every successful app product on the market is the end result of a close-knit work association of designers, developers and businesses. All stakeholders carry with them different backgrounds and thus have differently oriented viewpoints of looking at the same project. A business having an app developed by working in close association with a mobile app … Continue reading

How to master the most important aspect of Agile Development?

How to master the most important aspect of Agile Development-Promatics Technologies

What is Agile Development? A simple dictionary search for the meaning of the word ‘agile’ leaves us with a definition ‘able to move quickly and easily i.e. adaptable.’ When it comes to software development, Agile Development denotes a particular method of project management that warrants the execution of tasks into short phases of work and … Continue reading

All You Need to Know About the All Important Customer Journey Maps

What are customer journey maps How are they critical to your product success Promatics-Technology

You would be surprised to learn that 84% of businesses that strive to improve customer experience (CX) witness an improvement in their revenue. Unfortunately, only 19% of businesses actually have a dedicated CX team to help bridge gaps in customer experience. The first step towards bridging gaps in customer experience is to understand how customers … Continue reading

Tips to evaluate competition and draw analysis for your new mobile app

How to evaluate competition and draw analysis for your mobile app-Promatics Technologies

Launching a mobile app is not tough anymore. But, getting business through the app, to stay competitive in the market where millions of apps already exist is the toughest part. App developers should evaluate the competition out there first and do a thorough market analysis, even before starting the development part. The process of drawing … Continue reading

Why you should not use DIY app makers to make you app?

Why you should not use DIY app makers to make you app - Promatics-Technologies

Mobile app market is constantly on rise, as a result of which every small and large business want to avail the benefits of mobile apps. There are plenty of ways to create your own app, no matter what business you are into. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are in dilemma of hiring mobile app development … Continue reading

Seven steps to protect your app idea from being copied

7 important ways to protect your app idea from being stolen - Promatics Technologies

The number of mobile apps has increased significantly in the recent years. The app market is huge and it is expected that the app market will cross $80 billion by the end of 2018. The prospect of trying a new app excites the users, especially when they change their old device. As a result of … Continue reading


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