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What would 2019 hold for food delivery apps? Here are all the future trends

The Exciting Future Trends of Food Delivery Apps - Promatics Technologies

Feeling hungry? *click on the phone* and voila! Have your food delivered to your location. The advent of food delivery apps has escalated the convenience of food ordering by leaps and bounds, resulting in massive popularity and retention among masses. A positive trend has been observed in investment scenarios with a high valuation of food … Continue reading

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019 - Promatics Technologies

We have all seen how mobile and software development trends have shaped our lifestyles in recent times, solves major lifestyle problems and changed the way we live our lives with conveniences. Better still, Mobile App Development landscape is evolving rapidly to provide its users with a better experience. The ongoing year 2018 is about to … Continue reading

How popular brands are making great use of Progressive Web Apps to connect with their customers?

Progressive Web Apps are progressing swiftly How these brands are keeping customers hooked with PWAs-Promatics Technologies

One of the mobile technology trends in 2018 is a rise in the popularity of progressive web apps. The PWA landscape is fast changing the e-commerce vertical and big names in the business like Twitter, Starbucks, Washington Post, Pinterest, the Weather channel and many more have launched their PWAs in last six months. Though considered … Continue reading

Understanding geolocation in mobile apps: How location based services in apps enhance their appeal?

Understanding geolocation in mobile apps_ How location based services in apps has huge potential-Promatics Technologies

Mobile technology is being upgraded constantly with each passing year and users are waiting to add new features in their mobile apps. We hear a lot about geolocation mobile apps these days. Well, geolocation is latest and advanced technology that helps in identifying the location of any device.   It is estimated that by the … Continue reading

What is possible with Apple ARKit and what apps are using it?

What is possible with Apple Arkit and how popular apps are using it - Promatics Technologies

Apple announced the ARKit a recently and opened doors for tons of opportunities for developers. Using this tool, developers can build AR based apps whose user experience is far beyond 2D apps. Experts of the industry believe that ARKit could help Apple to compete directly with Google, as developers can now develop unique and innovative … Continue reading

Kotlin Vs Java: Is it time to switch over?

Kotlin vs Java - Is it time to switch over - Promatics Technologies

When we talk about Android app development, the first programming language that comes to our mind is ‘Java’. Though the majority of Android apps are written in Java, developers should know that it is not the only language to write code. Android app can be written in any language that can be compiled and run … Continue reading


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