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How to make your apps compatible to Android Go, Google’s lightweight mobile OS?

How to make your apps compatible to Android Go, Google's lightweight mobile OS - Promatics Technologies

The arrival of Android Go has lowered the barrier for smartphones. Android Go is a trimmed down version of Android and it is likely to work efficiently even on devices with under powered hardware.   As an app entrepreneur, you would want your app to be compatible with wide range of devices including entry-level smartphones. … Continue reading

Google announces ARCore. What lies beneath? How does it stack against Apple’s ARKit?

Google announces ARCore. What lies beneath_ How does it stack against Apple's ARKit - Promatics Technologies

Recently, Google announced a tool that will allow developers to write AR apps for android devices. Augmented Reality (AR) is something that takes users to a different world.  It helps developers to overlay digital content on top of real world.   Now, the question is – what is the big tool?   This developer tool … Continue reading

What are Android Instant apps? Should you start building one?

What are Android Instant apps - Should you start building one - Promatics Technologies

Google announced ‘Instant Apps’ for Android in Google I/O last year. This year, the search giant updated ‘Instant Apps’ and made it available for developers — so that they can start making them. From the term ‘Instant Apps’, people think that they are designed to replace the traditional tools. However, Instant Apps are not designed … Continue reading

How to port an iOS app to android


Do you own an iOS app and want to port it to android? If yes, you have come to the right place.   Though your iOS app is doing well in App Store, you might want to organize a port to Android too. Now, you might be wondering where to start from. The good news … Continue reading

Why App Monetization Strategy is important and how you should select one for your app

Why App Monetization Strategy is important and how you should select one for your app

With millions of apps available on Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and various other platforms, money earning from App development is not at all easy as the users have a great deal of choice. Most importantly these applications don’t bring in the desired revenue as reveals State of The Developer Nation Q3 2015 by … Continue reading


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