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Kotlin is the way forward for Android App Development as Google makes it the official programming language for Android Apps

Why Kotlin Is the Only Way Forward for Android Development - Promatics Technologies

Most Android developers would concur that Java is ageing, clunky and difficult to create applications that are futuristic. Though Java is has major advantages when it comes to inter-operability, it poses security risks and slows down while handling large amounts of data. The way forward to developing Android applications lies in the adoption of Kotlin. … Continue reading

Full guide – How to convert iOS UI to Android?

Full guide - How to convert iOS UI to Android - Promatics Technologies

A large number of businesses in US develop an iOS app first and then plan to develop an app for Android platform. Android platform holds a market share of 85.9% worldwide followed by iOS which is the second most popular smartphone platform. If you have not yet developed an Android version of your app, you … Continue reading

What you should know about Google Android P, Google’s ninth version of OS?

What-will-Android-P-bring-to-table - Promatics Technologies Private Limited

Android P is the latest version of OS by Google. The first developer preview was made available to download in March 2018. Here is everything you need to know about Android P. There are many great things to check out, as the changes made Android much faster and efficient. The earlier version Android Nougat has … Continue reading

Google announces to down rank poor performance apps on Play store. What you should do?

Google announces to downrank poor performance apps on Play store. What you should do - Promatics Technologies

Google has come up with another important update on ranking algorithm of apps on Play Store. Well, there are many questions regarding this update, such as – how it affects the user experience? Will it have any impact on developers? What developers should do? And so on.   Lets learn some more about this latest … Continue reading

How to port an iOS app to android


Do you own an iOS app and want to port it to android? If yes, you have come to the right place.   Though your iOS app is doing well in App Store, you might want to organize a port to Android too. Now, you might be wondering where to start from. The good news … Continue reading

Android Studio 2.0 Zeroes In On Improved Workflow

Android Studio 2.0 Zeroes In On Improved Workflow

Few days back, Google launched android studio 2.0 with a better android emulator and modern instant run feature.   Google is constantly working on creating and setting up Android apps faster. And it is all possible because of the betterment of Android Studio, in which Google has recently announced its latest version, the Android Studio … Continue reading


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