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Here are all the Key Features of Android 12  

Android 12 - The Most Important Features-Promatics Technologies

It is once again that time of the year when Google has introduced the Beta version of the Android 12. While this happens every year, we just never get used to it and are always eager to experience this new operating system. This year, Google has made it even more exciting by giving Android OS … Continue reading

How can you harness your android’s device hidden abilities?

Your Smart phone isn’t just a phone with calling and messaging capabilities but, it is much more than you might have ever imagined. A smartphone is designed to perform all types of tasks that a computer can perform such as the drag and drop of files between your smartphone and computer to plugging a USB … Continue reading

Security Dangers in Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices are increasingly being used in business application through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that integrates the personal and workplace requirement into one phone. Mobile computing through different apps has added further to their usability. However, incidentally, manufactures of apps focus exclusively on functionality, without giving priority to security issues. Consequently, tech criminals and … Continue reading

Android Best Practices Explained

Android Best Practices   As Android has reached 75 percent of the global smart phone market, it should come as no surprise that numerous people are struggling to develop captivating applications. With the launch of a new IDE “Android Studio” by Google, which aids developers to build the Android apps while adhering to endearing best … Continue reading


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