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How Subscription Model Rules Everything Else?

Subscription Model is eating everything else out in the digital world-Promatics Technologies

Successful businesses begin with a great idea that serves as a solution to a problem or dilemma faced by a consumer. However, a transition to a subscription-based model can steer the business further words success in an evolving marketplace. Tien Tzuo; the CEO of Zuora a software company built to aid organizations shifting to subscription … Continue reading

What goes in making an Uber for trucking app?

What goes in making an Uber for trucking app - Promatics Technologies

According to a recent report submitted by Business Insider, the annual income of transport industry is $800 billion. This figure opened ample of opportunities for small, medium and large businesses. The perfect example of the apps that revolutionized transportation industry includes names like – Lyft and Uber.   Amazon, one of the biggest e-seller is … Continue reading

Why we build mobile apps via agile methodology? How does it leads to greater client satisfaction?

Why we build mobile apps via agile methodology How does it leads to greater client satisfaction-Promatics Technologies

The surge in number of smartphones is leading to frantic growth of mobile apps as well as supplementary services. Lots of innovations are taking place on a regular basis. The success or failure of the mobile app depends upon the experience and expectations of its users. And not just that a lot of times it … Continue reading

The essentials of a great travel app

The ingredients of a great travel app are much more interesting that you think-Promatics Technologies

There are hundreds of travel apps on Android and iOS, and the number of increasing day by day. It is estimated that travelers spend more than 35% of their mobile time on travel apps to plan their next vacation. Travel apps are of great importance as they make the journey much easier. More than 45% … Continue reading

Got a great mobile app? You also need to have web apps for a better outreach

Why expanding your mobile apps to web makes a lot of sense-Promatics Technologies

As mobility is growing at a great pace, mobile apps have become flavor of the season. If you want to reap the benefits of mobility, it is essential to get the development right. Many startups have crucial consideration whether they should choose native apps or web apps. Is it possible to expand native mobile apps … Continue reading

How adding animation in your apps can make them lively and attractive?

Use of animation in apps is an excellent way to engage users and make them lively - Promatics Technologies

When it comes to a good mobile app, its UI is considered to be the most important aspect that gives boost to its performance closely followed by the user experience it provides to the end customer. But, one thing that is often overlooked here is the fact that a person who is going to a … Continue reading


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