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Got a great mobile app? You also need to have web apps for a better outreach

Why expanding your mobile apps to web makes a lot of sense-Promatics Technologies

As mobility is growing at a great pace, mobile apps have become flavor of the season. If you want to reap the benefits of mobility, it is essential to get the development right. Many startups have crucial consideration whether they should choose native apps or web apps. Is it possible to expand native mobile apps … Continue reading

How adding animation in your apps can make them lively and attractive?

Use of animation in apps is an excellent way to engage users and make them lively - Promatics Technologies

When it comes to a good mobile app, its UI is considered to be the most important aspect that gives boost to its performance closely followed by the user experience it provides to the end customer. But, one thing that is often overlooked here is the fact that a person who is going to a … Continue reading

Popular UX mistakes present in today’s apps

Top UX mistakes plaguing popular apps today - Promatics Technologies

Building a mobile app is involved with a lot of things such as – designing the UI, adding features, navigation etc that affect the user experience (UX). It needs a lot of time and energy to build a mobile app. But, the sad truth is that most of the mobile apps lose majority of their … Continue reading

The right method for app developers to do beta testing

The right method for app developers to do beta testing - Promatics Technologies

If you are a mobile app developer, you might know how important it is to test the app before releasing it in the market. You need to make sure that you get rid of all the hidden bugs before it hit the store. The only way to make your app really work is ‘Beta Testing’, … Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before doing an app redesign

How to do an app redesign the right way - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app UI is changing constantly to meet the requirement of users. Lot of app design trends come and go – as a result of which UI style of today may become tomorrow’s faux step. There was a time when UI designs were heavily influenced by skeuomorphism. Today, designers are looking to introduce new ways … Continue reading

Kotlin Vs Java: Is it time to switch over?

Kotlin vs Java - Is it time to switch over - Promatics Technologies

When we talk about Android app development, the first programming language that comes to our mind is ‘Java’. Though the majority of Android apps are written in Java, developers should know that it is not the only language to write code. Android app can be written in any language that can be compiled and run … Continue reading


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