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14 Features you Should Avoid in Your Apps


You always want your mobile app development process to be successful and flawless before you release a new application. However, there are some unnecessary or bothersome features that you shouldn’t include in your app because they will swiftly undermine your strategy and turn off your target audience.   Which one of them should you hold … Continue reading

What to Consider while Building a Local Buy And Sell App?

All you need to know while building a local Buy And Sell App-Promatics Technologies

The advent and adoption of mobile devices have narrowed down the gap between buyers and sellers phenomenally. Given the convenience brought forth by mobile devices, customer acquisition is much easier for modern businesses due to enhanced outreach and latest targeting techniques. Still, there is a big chunk of customers who are interested in buying stuff … Continue reading

Essential things you should know about In-app browsers and their usage

What are in-app browsers Everything you need to know-Promatics Technologies

Web browsers were quite common in the era of PCs and laptops. The scenario has changed with the explosion of tablets and smartphones. Although most of the smartphones are equipped with mobile browsers, users prefer to use mobile apps.   In a survey conducted by market research company Nielsen, it was found that American smartphone … Continue reading

How to start off an app building project on the right foot?

How to start off an app building project on the right foot - Promatics Technologies

Have you ever wondered why only a few companies succeed in building perfect mobile apps? Is your app struggling to get off the ground? A lot of companies make the mistake of building a mobile app in hurry. While some people feel mobile app development is a daunting process. May be the lack of momentum … Continue reading

8 hidden app development costs to avoid

8 hidden app development costs to avoid - Promatics Technologies

With any new trend in mobile app development, there is always someone who jumps on the board immediately. We are seeing more and more companies getting into mobile app development. Many businesses get into mobile app development with limited understanding of the process and true cost of developing an app. My advice is to wait … Continue reading

How often you your app should send push notifications

How often you your app should send push notifications

As more and more apps continue to dominate the mobile app industry, many business owners are looking for ways to reach their users. Push Notifications are the best way to reach potential customers. However, the biggest question is “How often your app should send Push Notifications”?   There is no perfect answer to this question … Continue reading


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