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What points “Your app needs a Reboot”

Signals that indicate your app needs a revamp - Promatics Technologies

User experience is the single most important aspect of an app that decides its success or failure and determines what trajectory the app is going to follow in the future. It is very likely that your app shows excellent results with a certain design but it is going to wear off and the audience will … Continue reading

Snapchat’s recent redesign backfired: What to learn from it?

Snapchat's recent redesign backfired What to learn from it - Promatics Technologies

The new version of Snapchat received lot of criticism from users. The fans of Snapchat are pleading to reverse the changes. Well, do you know the story behind this?   The company has redesigned the app recently, which made it difficult for its fans to find and use their favorite features. There are some significant … Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before doing an app redesign

How to do an app redesign the right way - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app UI is changing constantly to meet the requirement of users. Lot of app design trends come and go – as a result of which UI style of today may become tomorrow’s faux step. There was a time when UI designs were heavily influenced by skeuomorphism. Today, designers are looking to introduce new ways … Continue reading

When to redesign your app?

When to redesign your app?

A change in design or technology can make mobile app archaic in the eyes of customers. In order to achieve optimum level of performance from your mobile app, it needs to be redesigned. No doubt, functionality, stability, performance are something which is extremely important for a mobile application to catch user’s eyes. However, the first … Continue reading


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