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Why user journey maps are so important during website and app development?

The Right Way to do User Journey Maps - Promatics Technologies

If you truly want to understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes and you will know what do they experience in their everyday life. You will know about what do they get to bear within every now and then, what makes them happy and what causes them to lose all hopes on something.   … Continue reading

How to do mobile app on boarding right?

How to do mobile onboarding the right way Promatics Technologies

What is App Onboarding? Having a fully functional app live on the app store is the simplest part of running a thriving mobile app business. The real hustle starts when you are looking for ways to get people to sign up for your mobile app. A non-immersive app experience like inadequate onboarding can result  in … Continue reading

How adding animation in your apps can make them lively and attractive?

Use of animation in apps is an excellent way to engage users and make them lively - Promatics Technologies

When it comes to a good mobile app, its UI is considered to be the most important aspect that gives boost to its performance closely followed by the user experience it provides to the end customer. But, one thing that is often overlooked here is the fact that a person who is going to a … Continue reading

What’s the difference: Designing for Android and iOS platforms

What's the difference Designing for Android and iOS platforms

If you have taken up the route to become a UI designer, it is definitely an interesting and challenging job profile. There are too many things on your platter. And, most of it associated with the technical issue of designing for the platform. But, before reaching out to the dilemma you are facing as the … Continue reading

What are the common issues with mobile app interface design?

common issues with mobile app interface design-small

Mobile app development is huge and is growing constantly, no matter how you measure it. The advent of cloud computing and advanced devices has begun to transform every aspect of our life. The year 2017 is going to be a big year for smartphones, as they are going to overtake computers and laptops. In order … Continue reading


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