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How to Choose the Best Cloud Server for your App?

All The Things That Matter About Cloud Servers - Promatics Technologies

What is a Cloud Server? Cloud servers are a robust physical or virtual infrastructure that allows application- and information-processing storage. With the use of well-integrated virtualization software, cloud servers a physical (bare metal) server into multiple virtual servers. Cloud server businesses offer an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model to process their client’s workloads and store information. The … Continue reading

Why AWS is the preferred choice for cloud services world over?

Why AWS is the preferred choice for cloud services world over-Promatics Technologies

What is AWS? Two brilliant Amazon engineers thought of using Amazon’s computing infrastructure as a platform for offering automated web services to their customer base. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing platform that resulted from that thought revolution.   It takes pride in providing low-cost, scalable, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in … Continue reading

A Beginner’s guide to scaling a 1 million+ users on AWS

A Beginner’s guide to scaling a 1 million+ users on AWS

Any developer or a software engineer or just anybody in the IT Sector, must have at least been dragged to the buzz a couple of times about Amazon Web Services. AWS (Amazon Web Services) as it is evident from the name is an assortment or compilation of cloud computing services that fabricate on-demand computing platform … Continue reading

Who Rules the Cloud? AWS or Google

Before selecting a perfect service provider, you need to consider what functions are required and then match them with the features that are already available with the service providers. This simplifies the selection process to a great extent, because cost is not the only crucial factor to be kept in mind while buying.   We … Continue reading

Six Reasons That Justify the Success of Amazon Web Services

The World Wide Web and the Amazon Web Services seem to be the one and the same in the internet landscape. Hence, there is absolutely no need to introduce Amazon Web Services to you! Almost all of you must have used Dropbox or Reddit, or at least must have heard about either or both. It … Continue reading


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