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The Dummies Guide to NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens

NFTs are popping everywhere Essentials you need to know about them - Promatics Technologies

Think about it, you have a bizarre picture that you painted on your laptop using paint and looks something like this:     No way. Who would buy such a thing? Let alone that there is no point in this mess that I just created 5 minutes ago, this thing cannot be sold. It is … Continue reading

Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2020-Promatics Technologies

The digitization wave has got us all hooked on our cell phones that come decorated with stellar mobile apps. The ever-evolving app development space has something better to offer to users at every step, all the time. Spoilt by the over-powering usage experiences that these apps provide; mobile phone users have their hopes high for … Continue reading

Understanding Blockchain: Does your project need it?

Does your project need blockchain-Promatics Technologies

The blockchain technology is one of the most talked and hyped technologies across all industry verticals. Many large companies are spending a huge amount on the research of blockchain technologies to integrate it into their products. However, not much information about blockchain technology is available in the public domain.One thing that people relate with blockchain … Continue reading

Is blockchain right for your app?

Is blockchain right for your app - Promatics Technologies

The blockchain is one of the most discussed technologies in the world today. Many people who know a little about blockchain can only relate it to bitcoin transactions. There have been discussions in the mobile app world about using blockchain technology to replace traditional databases like MySQL.   If you have a mobile app you … Continue reading


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