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App development gets an uplift under React Native

React Native is aggressively changing the rules of app development - Promatics Technologies

App developers and entrepreneurs are in dilemma after Facebook denied relicensing its React Active framework for third parties. React Native renders both iOS and Android user interfaces with minimal or even no coding.   React Native can be defined as the latest version of web library of same name. The main objective of React Native … Continue reading

Native vs Hybrid apps: When to use each one?

Native vs Hybrid apps - When to use each one

Ever since the first iPhone came into the market, it has made a huge difference to how information has reached a person. In many ways smartphones are a bridge of connectivity between a person – and the people he / she interacts with, the things he/ she interacts with and has become very interwoven with … Continue reading

GitHub’s Electron – Enabling quick and easy cross platform app development

GitHub’s Electron - Enabling quick and easy cross platform app development

Today it has become easy for developers to build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies such as GitHub’s Electron. Electron is gradually acquiring increased popularity amongst the developers since it is an open source application shell for building Apps. Big players such as Microsoft and Slack are taking advantage of Electron to build Visual … Continue reading


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