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What would 2019 hold for food delivery apps? Here are all the future trends

The Exciting Future Trends of Food Delivery Apps - Promatics Technologies

Feeling hungry? *click on the phone* and voila! Have your food delivered to your location. The advent of food delivery apps has escalated the convenience of food ordering by leaps and bounds, resulting in massive popularity and retention among masses. A positive trend has been observed in investment scenarios with a high valuation of food … Continue reading

What are the benefits of mobile apps for restaurant business?

Mobile apps have transformed the restaurant business for good_ State of affairs-Promatics Technologies

There is a huge competition in the restaurant industry these days. Many restaurants are finding ways to effectively market themselves. Due to the increasing demand for mobile phones, it is likely that your target audience can be reached with mobile apps. Developing a mobile app for restaurant business has become essential in today’s competitive scenario. … Continue reading

What to consider when building a food delivery app?

What to consider when building a food delivery app - Promatics Technologies

We are living in a digital world where things go done in just one touch. Gone are the days were a trip to different restaurants for your choice of food can be found. And what makes people prefer using food app is that, for all kinds of occasions and events people order food so to … Continue reading


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