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iOS vs Android : This is How to Choose the Best Platform For Your Mobile App

iOS vs Android : This is How to Choose the Best Platform For Your Mobile App

Mobile apps are playing a very important role in ruling the world. There is a great increase in the popularity of enterprise apps and consumer-based mobile apps in the recent years. App stores are flooded with millions of apps covering myriad of genres. Mobile application development has become a lucrative business, as a result of … Continue reading

How Swift will make Objective C obsolete

How Swift will make Objective C obsolete

Programming languages will never break down easily; however, the development platforms hanging on vanishing paradigms may end up eventually. If you are in the way of developing mobile and still you haven’t looked into Swift and explored it, this article might help you. When it’s about developing mobile apps for Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, iPhone, … Continue reading

iOS 9: All that you need to know

The unveiling of the latest operating system iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad is due soon. The main features will soon be revealed officially. iOS 9 promises you a better experience with each and every touch and provides more rich features and apps that help you do more each day. The improvements of the operating … Continue reading

Six Brilliant Features of Apple Watch

The all-new Apple Watch is set to hit the worldwide market in April 2015. The six brilliant features of Apple Watch can be enumerated as follows: 1. Apple Pay This is one such feature of the watch that is drawing gadget-savvy people towards it. Buying groceries, dresses, paying bills have become easy with the new … Continue reading


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