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How Location Data Works in Apps? How to Put it to Best Use?

Interesting facts about Location data in apps How do apps use it - Promatics Technologies

Introduction Location data can be an invaluable resource when it comes to activities like engaging customers. Insidious use of mobile devices has brought forth an extensive flux of user information like geolocation data, which is of immense value for marketers. More often than not, businesses lack the basic technical skill set to use this data … Continue reading

Understanding geolocation in mobile apps: How location based services in apps enhance their appeal?

Understanding geolocation in mobile apps_ How location based services in apps has huge potential-Promatics Technologies

Mobile technology is being upgraded constantly with each passing year and users are waiting to add new features in their mobile apps. We hear a lot about geolocation mobile apps these days. Well, geolocation is latest and advanced technology that helps in identifying the location of any device.   It is estimated that by the … Continue reading


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