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All about Product Recommendation Engines: How they can Amp Up your e-commerce Store Sales?

The Indisputable Role of Product Recommendation Engines in the Ecommerce Ecosystem-Promatics Technologies

I wonder how Amazon always gets the bits of ‘what I want to buy’ always right. Actually, that turns out to be bad for me that I end up buying more than what I should and eventually am out of budget for other things.   But thinking about it from Amazon’s perspective, if you are … Continue reading

7 Tips to Create Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized Customer Experience Imprints a Long Lasting Impression - Promatics Technologies

Customers change with time, and so do their needs. But, you must upgrade and transform the customer experience to keep customers glued with your brand.   Moreover, to make them loyal to your brand, you must acknowledge that the customers are different from each other. So, valuing the differences in the customers’ preferences, successful businesses … Continue reading

How TensorFlow can transform your app into a Superapp?

TensorFlow can turn your app into a SuperApp-PROMATICS-TECHNOLOGIES

Artificial Intelligence is here Machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks are fast becoming the norm with high end programing activities and work. Early restricted to research applications alone deep learning or hierarchical learning is fast being adopted by tech companies in day to day work. We have seen enormous use of machine learning … Continue reading

How artificial intelligence can take a mobile app to the next level?

AI is all set to Revolutionise your Mobile App Experience A quick guide - Promatics Technologies

Introduction In a mad rush to conquer users, every app business is trying to offer the most engaging experience possible. Be it through marketing or with break-through innovations, app businesses are focused on making a mark in the life of their users. While an important contributor to the success of app businesses, marketing doesn’t guarantee … Continue reading

What are the best ways to Incorporate Machine Learning in Your Mobile App?

What are the best ways to Incorporate Machine Learning in Your Mobile App - Promatics Technologies

Machine learning is a self-evolutionary interactive field that is designed to incorporate the functionalities of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing through a series of algorithms. Machine Learning  is used to understand the relationship between big data and is aimed at obtaining a certain desired output. Machine Learning has revamped the way we interact with … Continue reading

A quick guide to Apple Core ML: How it can power your normal ecommerce app to a super app?

Core ML can be used to build super apps. How to make the best of it-Promatics Technologies

Machine learning is a hot technology knocking our doors and slowly reshaping the way we live.It is a core sub-area of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to learn by themselves without being explicitly programmed.Machine learning offers a big opportunity to mobile development industry to break the shackles of mediocrity and build super apps. Let’s learn … Continue reading


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