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The next stage of material design: How Google’s popular design language for Android is evolving?

The next stage of material design How Google's popular design language for Android is evolving-Promatics Technologies

If you are a regular follower of Google, you might have already heard about the next stage of ‘Material Design’. The company is expanding its services widely and hence offering a set of new tools and design iterations. Material Design has been used widely in visual design since its launch. The main reason behind this … Continue reading

Google’s Material Design vs Apple’s Flat Design: Which is better?

Google's Material Design vs Apple's Flat Design Which is better - large

Since the release of Google’s material design, there is an on-going debate over – material design vs flat design: which is the best? If you ask a few designers, you will probably get different answers. User interface design has been influenced by a number of trends in the recent years. In this post, we are … Continue reading

What Google’s Material Design is All About?

In past few months, you probably are hearing the words “material design” popping up in many conversations. This concept is quite new— it came into light during the mid-summer and references an innovative design language from the individuals at Google.   However, material design is something more than merely an idea; it is probably to … Continue reading


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