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Best Practices for Implementing In-App Advertisements in your Mobile App

Best-ways-to-Apply-In-App-Advertisements-in-your-Mobile-App -- Promatics Technologies

Introduction The advertisement industry has seen drastic shifts in recent years first newspapers and brochures to TV ads and then TV ads to the internet and mobile-app ads. While the newspaper ads added mass reach, TV ads brought interactive content to the table. Internet and mobile app advertisements introduced features of personalization and pin-point audience … Continue reading

10 reasons you need to advertise on mobile

10 reasons you need to advertise on mobile - Promatics Technologies

Do you know that mobile ads are much effective than internet ads? There has been a great debate on mobile vs. internet ads in the recent years. In a study conducted recently, it was found that mobile ads are 27 times successful than internet ads. Though the internet deserves a full measure of credit for … Continue reading


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