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6 myths of mobile app design busted

6 myths of mobile app design busted - Promatics Technologies

When it comes to mobile app development, there comes a point when we come across the phrase “Mobile App designing Myths”. Mobile app designing is a breeze and is surrounded by numerous myths. There is plethora of mobile design stereotypes that you should care about. When you create an app, design is the first thing … Continue reading

Full guide: How to build minimalistic UI design in your mobile apps?

How to keep a minimalistic UI design for mobile apps - Promatics Technologies

Minimal UI design is highly in demand these days due to the wide range of benefit it offers. If you are a mobile app designer and want to keep minimalistic UI design for your mobile app, you should take inspiration from others work. Looking at the work of others can save a lot of time … Continue reading

Non-technical entrepreneurs pay attention if you want to know about UI and UX

Non-technical entrepreneurs pay attention if you want to know about UI and UX - Promatics Technologies

Starting a business is not an easy task and is involved with several activities. Whether it is laying a business plan, raising capital, selling the products or developing software/mobile app– founders of startup are under immense pressure to get a wide range of things. So, do they really need to add UI and UX design … Continue reading


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