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Thinking about building a quirky Dating app? Here are the top 10 ideas


Dating apps: Near Future and Beyond Along with the tech influx in our lives, it is only natural that it took the dating world by storm. The vivid convenience and excitement that they bring to a user’s experience, dating apps are a new favourite on the market. Thus, when it comes to dating apps, the … Continue reading

What you should know about Google Android P, Google’s ninth version of OS?

What-will-Android-P-bring-to-table - Promatics Technologies Private Limited

Android P is the latest version of OS by Google. The first developer preview was made available to download in March 2018. Here is everything you need to know about Android P. There are many great things to check out, as the changes made Android much faster and efficient. The earlier version Android Nougat has … Continue reading

Why do you need to turn your website into an app?

Why do you need to turn your website into an app - Promatics Technologies

A website is a powerful asset, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs. It helps you showcase your brand and provide a cost-effective communication tool. A website gives your customers an opportunity to access your site from their laptops, desktops and handheld devices. However, there is a dramatic change in the pattern. Today, many customers are … Continue reading

App Store Optimization Tips to Increase Downloads

App Store Optimization or simply ASO has taken a crucial place in the mobile applications department. It is the method where visibility of any mobile application is improved in app stores like Google Play or iTunes. As SEOs are for websites, ASOs are designed for mobile apps. This kind of optimization helps a mobile application … Continue reading


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