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Why you need a mobile app promo video to get your app noticed?

Why you need an app promo video to hit the right notes - Promatics Technologies

So, you have created your mobile app with awesome features and have connected it to a back end. Now, you have to spread the word about your new mobile app to targeted users.   App preview video is the best way to tell the story of your app and inspire app store visitors to download … Continue reading

Here are the most important mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2018

10 revolutionary mobile app development trends in 2018 - Promatics Technologies

Mobile is becoming a main stream and businesses from all industries are relying on apps to meet customer demands. Mobile app development has changed a lot in the recent years and we can expect to see many improvements in 2018. New markets will be created, as apps will become faster and do things that they … Continue reading

Is your iOS app ready for Apple iPhone X?

Is your app ready for Apple iPhone X - Promatics Technologies

Apple has an excellent track of providing great compatibility to existing apps whenever a new device or iOS version is released. The apps are zoomed to fit the changing size of screens. In fact, the latest versions of iOS behave just like older versions, breaking the assumptions that older app might be making about its … Continue reading

How to start off an app building project on the right foot?

How to start off an app building project on the right foot - Promatics Technologies

Have you ever wondered why only a few companies succeed in building perfect mobile apps? Is your app struggling to get off the ground? A lot of companies make the mistake of building a mobile app in hurry. While some people feel mobile app development is a daunting process. May be the lack of momentum … Continue reading

How to add 3D quick actions in your iOS apps

How to add 3D quick actions in your iOS apps - Promatics Technologies

As the competition in mobile app industry is growing, usability sets a stage for new demand model. A device like iPhone is friendly, accessible and easy to use. This means, it can predict your needs and be handy always. Due to the increasing demand of wide screen devices, making use of lesser motion has become … Continue reading

Developing for iOS or developing for Android: Which is better?

Developing for iOS or developing for Android Which is better - Promatics Technologies

Should I choose Android or iOS for my next mobile app? This could be one of the popular questions in mobile app development industry.   Every mobile app developer — whether new or experienced will ask himself this question before beginning a new project. There are a number of factors that help you choose the … Continue reading


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