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Make Sure You Do Not Commit These App Design Mistakes

Mobile app developers have a constant appetite for app creation. There is a cornucopia of applications for smartphone users circulating in the web world. Most of the apps are such that they are not at all downloaded. And if they are downloaded most of them are deleted without getting used for some days. Following are … Continue reading

Mobile Payments and How it is changing our World

With the advent of different mobile apps, the process of mobile payments has become hassle free. Mobile payments, in other words mobile wallet or mobile money-transfer or mobile money is the payment service performed from any sort of mobile device and is controlled as per financial norms and regulations. The user can use mobile devices … Continue reading

Strategy For Successful App Monetization

Nowadays it is a tough challenge to generate revenue from mobile apps with so many apps being launched everyday and all trying to grab the consumer’s attention. Still with a thoughtful strategy and plan you can get your share of gold. Promatics has carefully sculpted in an infographic the various methods one can choose to … Continue reading

Why Mobile Apps Get Uninstalled?

The wide-ranging usage of Smartphones all over the world has led to the expansion of numerous mobile application development services. In the technology ridden world of 21st century, statistics show that around 1.2 billion people were using different sorts of mobile applications by the beginning of 2013, considering the fact that only over a billion … Continue reading

Android Best Practices Explained

Android Best Practices   As Android has reached 75 percent of the global smart phone market, it should come as no surprise that numerous people are struggling to develop captivating applications. With the launch of a new IDE “Android Studio” by Google, which aids developers to build the Android apps while adhering to endearing best … Continue reading


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