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14 Features you Should Avoid in Your Apps


You always want your mobile app development process to be successful and flawless before you release a new application. However, there are some unnecessary or bothersome features that you shouldn’t include in your app because they will swiftly undermine your strategy and turn off your target audience.   Which one of them should you hold … Continue reading

Retail stores are using AR to lift sales as well as customer experience: A look at state of affairs

Retail stores are using AR to lift sales as well as customer experience State of Affairs - Promatics Technologies

Augmented reality has a great potential to boost sales and improve your business. Retailers are using AR technology to create a better user experience and extend their geographic reach. The best thing about AR is that it helps business owners to build awareness about their brand. Whether you use AR technology for marketing or advertising … Continue reading

8 ways to improve your app’s customer satisfaction

8 ways to app's customer satisfaction - Promatics Technologies

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way customer engage with companies. Today, thousands of brands are using mobile apps to improve customer care while locking the existing customers and attracting new customers. The success of any mobile app depends on its ability to provide its customers an enhanced user experience that will eventually increase your brand … Continue reading

6 methods to speed up your mobile app development timeline

How to shorten your app development timeline-Promatics Technologies

Mobile app development is a very complex and time taking task that needs lot of efforts and proper synchronization. The developers may suffer badly due to hectic schedules, coding and deadlines. If the app developers are not using the right methods of mobile app development, it will surely affect the quality and speed of the … Continue reading

Why we build mobile apps via agile methodology? How does it leads to greater client satisfaction?

Why we build mobile apps via agile methodology How does it leads to greater client satisfaction-Promatics Technologies

The surge in number of smartphones is leading to frantic growth of mobile apps as well as supplementary services. Lots of innovations are taking place on a regular basis. The success or failure of the mobile app depends upon the experience and expectations of its users. And not just that a lot of times it … Continue reading

How to build great apps targeted at kids?

How to build great apps targeted at kids - Promatics Technologies

Gone are the days, when kids used to spend hours in outdoor games, read book and do other activities. The reality has changed and children of today’s generation are more interested in mobile apps and video games. Modern kids are adjusted to using mobile devices from initial years itself. Though parents cannot stop the process … Continue reading


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