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Top 6 reasons people uninstall your app

Top 6 reasons people uninstall your app

Most of the mobile apps on the App Store fail for the reason that users uninstall then within 90 days of installing them. In a study, it was found that nearly 65-85% mobile apps get uninstalled within 30 days of installing. The more user stick to your app, the more revenue your app can generate … Continue reading

7 Signs Your Mobile App Developer Is Terrible

7 Signs Your Mobile App Developer Is Terrible-large

For a mobile app to be designed and developed, we can develop ourselves, make use of an in-house team or outsource it to an app development company.  Often working on tight budgets, most entrepreneurs find it more convenient and wise to outsource the whole design and development to an app development company.   This usual … Continue reading

Why SaaS business needs a mobile app?

SaaS apps vs stand-alone apps-large

The increasing demand of smart devices has changed the picture of Software as a service (SaaS) applications.  Following the current trend, many SaaS companies are focusing on mobile app development.   Mobile SaaS is taking off among small, medium and large businesses, regardless of the industry. The need of flexibility and ease of deployment is … Continue reading

What Makes A Great App?

what makes a great app-large

We are living in the digital world where almost every individual holds smart phones, iPads and off course uses mobile apps as mobile apps have contributed to making life easier. And hence most of us keep mobile applications installed on our phones according to our needs. The reason behind the usage of mobile apps may … Continue reading

Beacon: What Does It Mean For Retail Stores?

Beacon: What Does It Mean For Retail Stores?

From the past several years, along with all the excitement around e-commerce sphere, mobile has increasingly contributed towards the continued downfall of the brick-and-mortar sales, while the online shopping is constantly growing. But, in so far as we would like to consider that in few years everything will turn as digital, it is crucial to … Continue reading

How to write the perfect App brief for your developer?

With the smartphone revolution mobile apps seem to be gaining increased popularity and utility amongst the smartphone users. But just building apps for them will not serve the purpose. You need to have a well designed strategy and clear objectives right from the beginning to fulfil the needs of millions of mobile app users.   … Continue reading


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