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Top mobile marketing trends to look for in 2018

Top mobile marketing trends to look for in 2018 - Promatics Technologies

The move into 2018 is going to come with a shift in mobile marketing. As new trends enter the marketplace, your company needs to focus on the top mobile marketing trends. The mobile marketing of tomorrow is going to offer great advancement in new technologies as consumers seek for an integrated mobile experience.   We … Continue reading

6 of the Most Important Mobile Marketing Metrics

6 of the Most Important Mobile Marketing Metrics - Promatics Technologies

For successful mobile marketing implementation, it is important to constantly analyse what is going on within an application. Assessing how it is being used by your end users and tracking other metrics allows you to implement the right upgrades, include more relevant features and maintain user loyalty.   Many apps, depending on the category they … Continue reading

5 Key Elements for an Effective B2C Mobile Marketing Strategy

The growth of mobile has been explosive over the last few years. When it comes to B2C brand marketing, if your brand has not enough mobile presence, and a driven mobile marketing strategy, your brand could easily fall behind the reach of users. The is because the main device that is used to access social … Continue reading


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