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Cloud Firestore vs Realtime: How to choose the best database for your Mobile App?

Cloud Firestore vs Realtime Database How to pick one over other-Promatics Technologies

Like two peas in a pod; Cloud Firestore vs Realtime Database from Firebase present a difficult case of choice for budding developers. Both are cloud-based client-accessible database solutions for mobile apps that support real-time data syncing.   For some time now; developers have used Realtime Database as a tool that sets up and provides a … Continue reading

When We Should Use MongoDB Rather than MySQL

While SQL, mainly MS SQL Oracle and MySQL and Server are almost synonymous with RDBMS, MongoDB has been classified as a NoSQL database and is a cross-platform document-oriented one. At times, it is wise to replace MySQL with MongoDB as the latter is truly an agile database allowing quick changes of schemas when applications evolve. … Continue reading

Advantages and challenges of NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases are getting all the attention lately as opposed to the relational databases (RDBMS) that have been there for decades. NoSQL databases also known as non-relational and “Cloud” databases have become a suitable alternative in all aspects of database management. Here we look at the 5 basic advantages and challenges pertaining to the same. … Continue reading


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