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6 methods to speed up your mobile app development timeline

How to shorten your app development timeline-Promatics Technologies

Mobile app development is a very complex and time taking task that needs lot of efforts and proper synchronization. The developers may suffer badly due to hectic schedules, coding and deadlines. If the app developers are not using the right methods of mobile app development, it will surely affect the quality and speed of the … Continue reading

The advantages of outsourcing website development

The advantages of outsourcing website development

If you are starting up a new business then hiring in-house developers might not be a good decision. It might happen that they do not like to work with you as it is a startup company or you do not have the resources. Furthermore, they might not have the talent and creativity that you require … Continue reading

Should your start-up outsource tech?

The benefits of outsourcing are many but it depends on what needs to be outsourced. The benefits of outsourcing a product / service would usually include reduced costs, reduced investment on infrastructure, faster deployment of the product/service etc.   Here is a look at a few scenarios when you need to be considering the outsourcing … Continue reading

Hire a Web Design Company and not a Freelancer

No one can deny that a strategically designed website attracts voluminous traffic. In fact, a number of entrepreneurs have tapped this potential to some extent and have already become millionaires. A few examples of such people would be Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jack Dorsey, Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos. It is of not much surprise … Continue reading

5 tips that make your App Lovable

Now is the time when Gen Y is shifting focus from computers to Smart devices. Surfing Facebook or shopping from eBay has got mobile. Apps have made our life easier – be it a torch guiding to the dark basement during a power cut or games that help kill boring bus journeys and lazy weekends. … Continue reading

How to pick the best web design company for your business?

Websites are the face of business today and it is important that you have the right platform to guide your product and service into expected success. Effective web development constitutes the positive interaction of various facets like marketing, search engine success, designing, copywriting, content, programming, degree of interaction with readers and the technical assurance. While … Continue reading


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