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Common mistakes that developers commit with PHP

The PHP Language has a good 20 years history of being evolved significantly in the field of web development. It has successfully ensured that software you produce is more scalable, robust and maintainable. But, it is quite possible for the developers, like any other human, to make mistakes and have flaws while developing. Following are … Continue reading

How You Benefit from Open Source Web Development

If you own a passion in information and communication landscape, you must be already aware of the fact that digital technology keeps getting modified and improved every moment. Today, we adopt a new technology or device and discover its updated version in the very next morning! In this non-static IT ecosystem, Open Source Web Development … Continue reading

10 ways to enhance PHP-based web development

PHP has wide usage and is one of the most popular languages for coding. As per a recent report ending on 7th December 2013, more than 39.31% of websites globally have PHP at their root. This is a better share than languages like J2EE, ASP.NET and others. Every now and then, PHP comes with an … Continue reading

Six Reasons That Justify the Success of Amazon Web Services

The World Wide Web and the Amazon Web Services seem to be the one and the same in the internet landscape. Hence, there is absolutely no need to introduce Amazon Web Services to you! Almost all of you must have used Dropbox or Reddit, or at least must have heard about either or both. It … Continue reading

10 Tips to Get the Best from your Developers

The developers of an internet business owner like you are of course, your assets. True that you have to make capital out of their efficiency as much as you can but often, it seems a tricky business to deal with these people when it comes to communicating with them. Here goes a thorough guide to … Continue reading

PHP development to bejewel your online presence

Promatics is the trendsetting web development company that serves a broad clientele across the globe through its B2B and B2C processes. The company holds an elite expertise in delivering purely advanced and innovative web applications, web systems, PHP services, CakePHP, PHP maintenance, and a lot more.   We provide custom PHP web design and development … Continue reading


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