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The Ins and Outs of Progressive Web Apps

The Rise of Progressive Web Apps - Promatics Technologies

From the initial idea of PWA or Progressive Web Applications, by Steve Jobs, 18 days before the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, to the coining of this term ‘PWA’ by Google in 2015 the internet changed a lot. With responsive web design, the development of such apps became possible and easy. Today, many … Continue reading

What to keep in mind while designing progressive web apps?

What goes in designing a great progressive web app-Promatics Technologies

Introduction   A Progressive Web App is a web app that makes use of modern web capabilities to provide an app-like (native app) experience to the users. The Progressive web application development offers user experiences that are far superior to the experiences offered by traditional web apps. These applications don’t require users to perform an … Continue reading

How popular brands are making great use of Progressive Web Apps to connect with their customers?

Progressive Web Apps are progressing swiftly How these brands are keeping customers hooked with PWAs-Promatics Technologies

One of the mobile technology trends in 2018 is a rise in the popularity of progressive web apps. The PWA landscape is fast changing the e-commerce vertical and big names in the business like Twitter, Starbucks, Washington Post, Pinterest, the Weather channel and many more have launched their PWAs in last six months. Though considered … Continue reading

iOS now supports Progressive Web Apps : All you need to know

iOS now supports Progressive Web Apps All you need to know-Promatics Technologies

The arrival of iOS 11.3 marks the Apple shift towards Progressive Web apps. According to experts, Apple has quietly added support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in iOS without much fanfare and it clears the way for new technologies behind PWA’s. If you are hearing about Progressive Web apps for the first time, it’s time … Continue reading

Top 10 features of Progressive Web Apps that can compete against mobile apps

Top 10 features of Progressive Web Apps that can compete against mobile apps

So what exactly is a progressive web app? How different is it from a web app? Well, a progressive web app is a website built like an app. But what’s unique about this website is that it gives the exact look and feel of an app. These “apps” can be installed by users and receive … Continue reading


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