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Why React Native is your best bet when you want to develop apps on budget?

React Native Your best bet for Cross Platform App Development-Promatics Technologies

What stands in the way of a stellar business idea from turning into an overnight success is an app experience that does not bring out its gloss. That said, it isn’t easy to garner huge investments for your app business either. So, what’s an ambitious app start-up got to do? The scenario is a story … Continue reading

Popular apps built using React Native you don’t know about

Popular apps built using React Native you don't know about - Promatics Technologies

React Native is a popular framework these days. Many reputed brands like – Airbnb, Facebook, Uber etc have embraced React Native technology to build their latest apps. It was initially commenced as Facebook’s project developed to fulfill the company’s needs.   Originally, it was designed to support iOS. Today, the React Native library can provide … Continue reading

App development gets an uplift under React Native

React Native is aggressively changing the rules of app development - Promatics Technologies

App developers and entrepreneurs are in dilemma after Facebook denied relicensing its React Active framework for third parties. React Native renders both iOS and Android user interfaces with minimal or even no coding.   React Native can be defined as the latest version of web library of same name. The main objective of React Native … Continue reading

What we learned by using react native to build mobile apps and why we strongly recommend it?

What we learned by using react native to build mobile apps n Why we strongly recommend it

Is using React’s native really recommendable? We have seen that from years it is seen that HTML and Javascript has been used separately but React seemed to combine them. React Native is a great option for creating performance oriented iOS and Android apps that feel at home on their respective platforms.   Let me take … Continue reading

Why you need to consider React Native for your next Mobile App?

Why you need to consider React Native for your next Mobile App

Introduction “If we work together in the open, we can advance the state of technology together,” was a statement the social media giant, Facebook, released on its blog on September 14 this year. This statement came after the said entity collaborated with another social media channel, Instagram to bring out React Native. Until now, Facebook … Continue reading


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