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Full guide – How to convert iOS UI to Android?

Full guide - How to convert iOS UI to Android - Promatics Technologies

A large number of businesses in US develop an iOS app first and then plan to develop an app for Android platform. Android platform holds a market share of 85.9% worldwide followed by iOS which is the second most popular smartphone platform. If you have not yet developed an Android version of your app, you … Continue reading

6 myths of mobile app design busted

6 myths of mobile app design busted - Promatics Technologies

When it comes to mobile app development, there comes a point when we come across the phrase “Mobile App designing Myths”. Mobile app designing is a breeze and is surrounded by numerous myths. There is plethora of mobile design stereotypes that you should care about. When you create an app, design is the first thing … Continue reading

Snapchat’s recent redesign backfired: What to learn from it?

Snapchat's recent redesign backfired What to learn from it - Promatics Technologies

The new version of Snapchat received lot of criticism from users. The fans of Snapchat are pleading to reverse the changes. Well, do you know the story behind this?   The company has redesigned the app recently, which made it difficult for its fans to find and use their favorite features. There are some significant … Continue reading

How to use vibrant colors to enhance the appeal of your app

How to use vibrant colors to enhance the appeal of your app - Promatics Technologies

Color is something which influences people psychologically. It has been found to have several connections with human beings and can help set a mood. Colors often have a meaning and you need to be conscious of what meaning you are conveying to the user. Designing an app with unique features and functionalities is not enough … Continue reading

Google’s Material Design vs Apple’s Flat Design: Which is better?

Google's Material Design vs Apple's Flat Design Which is better - large

Since the release of Google’s material design, there is an on-going debate over – material design vs flat design: which is the best? If you ask a few designers, you will probably get different answers. User interface design has been influenced by a number of trends in the recent years. In this post, we are … Continue reading

Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017

The year 2016, no doubt was a great year for web designers and mobile app developers. We witnessed a new aspect of web designing in the year 2016. We all know that there is a rapid change in the world of web design & development, and the trends come and go with very fast pace. … Continue reading


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