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What is Voice User Interface (VUI): All you need to know

What is VUI How to design a great VUI - Promatics Technologies

The user interface (UI) is the mechanism that allows us to interact with machines. VUI or Voice User Interface uses speech recognition technology to facilitate interaction between user and technology. Largely hands-free, VUI allows interactions that are more convenient than any other form of user interface. VUI is a user-facing interface, so the focus here … Continue reading

The next stage of material design: How Google’s popular design language for Android is evolving?

The next stage of material design How Google's popular design language for Android is evolving-Promatics Technologies

If you are a regular follower of Google, you might have already heard about the next stage of ‘Material Design’. The company is expanding its services widely and hence offering a set of new tools and design iterations. Material Design has been used widely in visual design since its launch. The main reason behind this … Continue reading

What is Google Flutter? What all it offers app developers?

Google's Flutter is now in beta. What the new cross platform app development framework brings on table - Promatics Technologies

Google released beta version of flutter, which is a new mobile UI framework. This framework can be used by developers to speed up the process of building native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  The apps can be built using a single code base with Flutter and compile directly on native processor architecture code … Continue reading

Full guide: How to build minimalistic UI design in your mobile apps?

How to keep a minimalistic UI design for mobile apps - Promatics Technologies

Minimal UI design is highly in demand these days due to the wide range of benefit it offers. If you are a mobile app designer and want to keep minimalistic UI design for your mobile app, you should take inspiration from others work. Looking at the work of others can save a lot of time … Continue reading

Non-technical entrepreneurs pay attention if you want to know about UI and UX

Non-technical entrepreneurs pay attention if you want to know about UI and UX - Promatics Technologies

Starting a business is not an easy task and is involved with several activities. Whether it is laying a business plan, raising capital, selling the products or developing software/mobile app– founders of startup are under immense pressure to get a wide range of things. So, do they really need to add UI and UX design … Continue reading

Things to keep in mind before doing an app redesign

How to do an app redesign the right way - Promatics Technologies

Mobile app UI is changing constantly to meet the requirement of users. Lot of app design trends come and go – as a result of which UI style of today may become tomorrow’s faux step. There was a time when UI designs were heavily influenced by skeuomorphism. Today, designers are looking to introduce new ways … Continue reading


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