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All You Need to Know About the All Important Customer Journey Maps

What are customer journey maps How are they critical to your product success Promatics-Technology

You would be surprised to learn that 84% of businesses that strive to improve customer experience (CX) witness an improvement in their revenue. Unfortunately, only 19% of businesses actually have a dedicated CX team to help bridge gaps in customer experience. The first step towards bridging gaps in customer experience is to understand how customers … Continue reading

What is UX discovery? How to conduct one for your app?

What is UX discovery How to conduct one for your app - Promatics Technologies

While designing an app for your business, it’s pertinent that you recognize the vital importance of providing a superlative User Experience (UX) with the application that you create. Going by research backed facts, as many as 52 percent users document that a bad mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with the company. A … Continue reading

Popular UX mistakes present in today’s apps

Top UX mistakes plaguing popular apps today - Promatics Technologies

Building a mobile app is involved with a lot of things such as – designing the UI, adding features, navigation etc that affect the user experience (UX). It needs a lot of time and energy to build a mobile app. But, the sad truth is that most of the mobile apps lose majority of their … Continue reading

6 Habits of Awesome UX Designers to Hook Users

6 Habits of Awesome UX Designers to Hook Users

Learning to design is fun and easy, but designing and producing good work can prove to be a daunting task. In many cases, often we find ourselves scratching our heads and making best efforts to understand the pattern we designed, or making a lot of changes only because of a newly added designing feature. Such … Continue reading

UI and UX designs – Best practices focused on improving user experience

UI and UX designs - Best practices focused on improving user experience

UI and UX have become an integral part of the web experience for users. The UI/UX design is important not only to give an informational view to its consumers, but to create the right impact which will keep them coming back for more.   UI/UX Designers need to create designs from the end user’s perspective, … Continue reading

How UX is different from UI?

In the realm of web design, the expressions UI and UX are completely different. In layman’s language these two terms are used interchangeably but there is a good deal of difference between them. The User experience Design is the abbreviated version of UX, which is something more than that of Interface Design. The expanded form … Continue reading


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