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What to keep in mind while designing progressive web apps?

What goes in designing a great progressive web app-Promatics Technologies

Introduction   A Progressive Web App is a web app that makes use of modern web capabilities to provide an app-like (native app) experience to the users. The Progressive web application development offers user experiences that are far superior to the experiences offered by traditional web apps. These applications don’t require users to perform an … Continue reading

A quick guide to expand your native app on web


Introduction More and more businesses are targeting customers through mobile devices today. The options range from building an engaging website, developing a native app or having a progressive web app. While websites are easy to use they lack outstanding experiences that most users seek. Native apps, however, excel at user experience but have adoption barriers … Continue reading

How to upgrade your android app to an instant app?

How to upgrade your android app to an instant app - Promatics Technologies

We hear a lot about instant apps these days. Whenever you are launching an app, you will have an idea of what your app is about. You will have certain goals such as – generating huge traffic and revenue, getting high rating on App Store, beneficial to users etc. Getting the app in front of … Continue reading

Got a great mobile app? You also need to have web apps for a better outreach

Why expanding your mobile apps to web makes a lot of sense-Promatics Technologies

As mobility is growing at a great pace, mobile apps have become flavor of the season. If you want to reap the benefits of mobility, it is essential to get the development right. Many startups have crucial consideration whether they should choose native apps or web apps. Is it possible to expand native mobile apps … Continue reading

A Minimalist Guide To Web Assembly

A web assembly is mainly a binary format for the web. It is all about making the web faster than ever. Many major vendors are collaborating with the same to design and implement this format on the web. The main aim is to improve the web performance by making advancements in the design of binary … Continue reading


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