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Why SaaS Business Model is the Ultimate Way to Sell?

SaaS Business Model is making Inroads in Newer Territories - Promatics Technologies

SaaS Business Model: An Introduction Software as a Service is something that has changed how people consume software forever. Companies that adopt the SaaS model require their clients to pay a monthly fee to access this software. Instead of end-user license and infrastructure to run the software, businesses with SaaS models offer memberships. SaaS businesses … Continue reading

Why MEAN is the best technology stack for web development today?

The Rise and the Rise of MEAN Stack. What led to it-PROMATICS-TECHNOLOGIES

Introduction One of the less celebrated perks of being in the 21st century is that developers can build websites and web applications without having to build them up from scratch. This is possible with the help of standardized software stacks that follow a consistent approach and are readily available in the tech world. Most developers … Continue reading

The advantages of outsourcing website development

The advantages of outsourcing website development

If you are starting up a new business then hiring in-house developers might not be a good decision. It might happen that they do not like to work with you as it is a startup company or you do not have the resources. Furthermore, they might not have the talent and creativity that you require … Continue reading

Node.js vs Python – Where to Use and Where not?

Node.js vs Python – Where to Use and Where not?

In the growing era of IT and software’s, there are many options for a developer to choose between programming languages, when it comes to website or application development. Although there are many languages available for website and application development, among all those languages; PHP, Python, Java, C++ and Objective C are majorly used. Selection of … Continue reading

The psychology associated with change and our reactions to shifts in social networks

The psychology associated with change and our reactions to shifts in social networks

A couple of months ago the logo of Instagram was changed. Some liked it. Others hated it. But the memes began to flow. The company owned by Facebook moved ahead from its outdated camera icon and adopted a new, low key design right through its collection of products – Instagram, Boomerang, Layout, and Hyperlapse. The … Continue reading

Are frameworks the new programming languages?

In the 1980s, the most straightforward approach to begin a geek battle was to announce that your most loved programming dialect was ideal. C, Pascal, Fortran, Lotus, Lisp? Developers invested hours clarifying precisely why their specific method for creating an if-then-else provision was better than your way.     That was then. Today, fights including … Continue reading


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