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Code Reviews – The Secret behind Teamwork and Faultless Work

It is said that Information Technology is technical and not creative. I disagree with this general perception and deliberate typecasting. Codes created by software developers can in no way be negated on grounds of lack of creative input. However, creativity does face a veritable challenge when coding encompasses huge team with diverse culture. Therefore, to … Continue reading

10 things that will keep hackers off your website

Even the simplest websites – blogs, photo sharing, etc are open to hacking. You might think that this site may not have any use for hackers, but there have been several instances when information is compromised. The reason for this is that most of the hacking isn’t done to steal passwords or data but using … Continue reading

Cloud – Productivity Redefined

Today is the age of Big Data, ERP and many other data dependent technologies. But, if you a look a decade back, you’ll realize the significance of cloud. We have come very far in terms of data collection, its usage in various techniques and business’s dependence on data for data. Well, cloud services have transformed … Continue reading

What makes Twitter Bootstrap an incredible tool?

Back in August 2011 when Jacob Thornton (@fat) and Mark Otto (@mdo), now ex-employees of Twitter, came up with Bootstrap, its value was explained to empower front end developers with easier and faster web development. To the end user, the Twitter Bootstrap is incredible because it’s easy and simple. However, this is certainly not the … Continue reading

Six Reasons That Justify the Success of Amazon Web Services

The World Wide Web and the Amazon Web Services seem to be the one and the same in the internet landscape. Hence, there is absolutely no need to introduce Amazon Web Services to you! Almost all of you must have used Dropbox or Reddit, or at least must have heard about either or both. It … Continue reading

PHP development to bejewel your online presence

Promatics is the trendsetting web development company that serves a broad clientele across the globe through its B2B and B2C processes. The company holds an elite expertise in delivering purely advanced and innovative web applications, web systems, PHP services, CakePHP, PHP maintenance, and a lot more.   We provide custom PHP web design and development … Continue reading


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Promatics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified offshore web and mobile application development company with a strong team of 100+ highly skilled IT experts delighting SMEs across USA, Europe and APAC. Our services and solutions help clients to achieve tangible business value and remain competitive in today’s evolving marketplaces.

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